Petra The Rose-Red City

The Rose-Red City

Over 2,000 years ago, the Nabataeans created Petra—the city of stone. Journey with us behind the iconic facade from the movies, and discover one of the great wonders of the world, forgotten by time itself.

Explore an ancient world wonder, forgotten by time itself.

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Walk with the Nabataeans

Out here in the arid desert and blazing sun, it's hard to imagine how a massive desert city larger than Manhattan, NY could ever survive.

It's hard to imagine how a desert city larger than Manhattan, NY could ever survive.

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Nabataean number crunching

Carved tombs


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Preserving Petra

Over 2,500 tourists pass through Petra each day—and every time they climb a winding staircase or touch a sandstone wall, a tiny piece of the city disappears forever. Some parts of The Treasury have receded by 40mm in just 10 years. For the authorities, it’s about striking the right balance between a great tourist experience, and preserving a precious past. And yet, in a cruel twist of irony, regional conflict means visitor numbers are now at their lowest in years. Petra may be about to face it toughest battle yet.

Explore Petra with Queen Rania Al Abdullah

Join Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan and Wander through the lost city of Petra. Experience for yourself why it's one of the Smithsonian Institution's 28 places to see before you die.

See why Petra's one of the Smithsonian Institutions's 28 places to see before you die.

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