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Do more than you thought you could with Google AI

Discover how
  • Chromebooks are designed to power your everyday

    Chromebooks start up quickly, keep everything up to date automatically1 and have never had a virus2, so you can do the things that you love without interruption.

A Chromebook for everyone

  • Chromebook

    The easy way to get things done.

    Chromebook device image
  • Chromebook Plus

    Double the performance3, plus the magic of Google AI.

    Open Chromebook plus device image

Your go-to laptop

  • Google makes it easy

    Everything that you love about Google, built into the operating system, ChromeOS.

    Image of a Gmail window with the Search, Calendar and Mail preview features, with the UI highlighted
  • Apps for everything

    Get the apps and games that you can't live without.

    Image with various app logos
  • Make the switch

    Switch to Chromebook in one, two, three. Create a Google Account, back up your data and log in to your new Chromebook.

    An image of the three-step Chromebook setup process

Shop the brands that you love

1 See how long a device is eligible for updates at g.co/chromeosupdates.

2 As of May 2024, there has been no evidence of any documented, successful virus attack on ChromeOS. Data based on ChromeOS monitoring of various national and internal databases.

3 When compared to UK top selling Chromebooks (GfK sales data: 01.23 - 12.23).