Hamina, Finland

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    From paper mill to data center

    In March 2009, Google purchased the Summa Mill from the Finnish paper company Stora Enso in order to convert it to a data center. In the first phase of the project, which was completed in September 2011, Google invested an initial €200 million. During this phase, more than 2,000 individuals from 50 different companies contributed to the project, including many local Finnish companies.

    We’ve continued to invest in Hamina over the years, with plans to invest another €600 million in 2020, bringing the total investment by Google to €2 billion. Our investments will support approximately 4,300 jobs in Finland per year on average.

    In addition to being a significant driver of economic growth and opportunity, our Hamina data center serves as a model of sustainability and energy efficiency for all of our data centers. Our technologically advanced cooling system, which uses seawater from the Bay of Finland, reduces energy use and was the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

    We’re proud to call Hamina home and honored to be part of the local community.

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    Google hires the most qualified individuals from around the world. We make it a priority to hire from the local community whenever possible because it’s good for business and the right thing to do.

    We also seek to contract with local vendors whenever possible. If you are a vendor or are interested in providing a service to Google, please learn more on our supplier help website.

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    Life at Google Data Centers

    The technology in our data centers is groundbreaking, but the people who run them are truly remarkable.

  • Community
    • About Community

      In the community

      At Google, we’re committed to playing a positive role in every community in which we operate around the world. Through grant-making and local initiatives that utilize our tools and expertise, we’re working to help businesses, educational institutions, community collaboratives, nonprofits, and individuals create and thrive in a sustainable, knowledge-based economy.
    • Educational Outreach

      Educational outreach

      To fulfill our goal of hiring locally, we’re working with local schools, colleges, and universities to help them develop and enhance their technology programs. In doing so, we hope to help grow the members of the community who are just entering the workforce, retraining, or progressing in their career paths. We want to help invigorate participation and opportunity in technology, increase knowledge in the community, and benefit potential employers in the area.
    • In Community

      Partnerships and events

      We are always on the lookout for opportunities for Googlers to share their time and expertise with the local community. Because as Google grows, our communities grow. But don’t just take our word for it. See and hear the stories of our Hamina community members.
    • Community Grants

      Community grants

      Google community grants range from €10,000 to €50,000 and are intended for nonprofit and certain public organizations. We will not fund for-profit companies through this program. When evaluating proposals, we consider impact on the data center community and surrounding areas, measurable impact of the resources on achieving the mission, collaboration with other organizations and the ability to leverage other resources in the community, and the integration of Google in-kind or volunteer resources to maximize the impact.

      Learn more about our Data Center Community Grants program, eligibility criteria, and how to apply.