Keep your data secure

It’s important to teach your family good online safety habits so that they can stay safe as they explore and use the web. Our expert partners have come up with a few simple tips to help you and your family do just that.

Advice from our partners


Viruses online are like viruses offline – not nice to catch and can cause big problems. Unfortunately viruses online are shared in much the same way as in the real world – the more people you contact and share things with, the greater the chance of catching something and passing it on. In the same way as we cant see the viruses that give us colds or other illnesses the same is usually the case with viruses that spread online. They often come in emails or pop-ups and they are likely to be passed on to your contacts and friends without you even realising it. Some affect the way your computer works while others are there to affect not only your time online but also those of your friends as you pass it on.

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