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Publication numberDE60224684 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2002624684
Publication date6 Mar 2008
Filing date5 Sep 2002
Priority date7 Sep 2001
Also published asCA2459666A1, DE60224684T2, EP1423680A1, EP1423680B1, US7585624, US20050014171, US20100032568, WO2003023376A1
Publication number02624684, 2002624684, DE 60224684 D1, DE 60224684D1, DE-D1-60224684, DE02624684, DE2002624684, DE60224684 D1, DE60224684D1
InventorsGeorge William Fraser, Andrew David Holland, Gertrude Maria Schwarzacher, John Seymour Heslop-Harrison
ApplicantUniv Leicester
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Energiemessung von photonen von biologischen assays Energy measurement of photon of biological assays translated from German
DE 60224684 D1
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International ClassificationG01N21/64, H01J49/02
Cooperative ClassificationG01N2021/6441, G01N21/6456
European ClassificationG01N21/64P4
Legal Events
12 Feb 20098364No opposition during term of opposition