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Publication numberCA2863754 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2863754
PCT numberPCT/US2013/024785
Publication date15 Aug 2013
Filing date5 Feb 2013
Priority date6 Feb 2012
Also published asCN104254800A, EP2812748A2, US9076368, US20130201081, WO2013119576A2, WO2013119576A3
Publication numberCA 2863754, CA 2863754 A1, CA 2863754A1, CA-A1-2863754, CA2863754 A1, CA2863754A1, PCT/2013/24785, PCT/US/13/024785, PCT/US/13/24785, PCT/US/2013/024785, PCT/US/2013/24785, PCT/US13/024785, PCT/US13/24785, PCT/US13024785, PCT/US1324785, PCT/US2013/024785, PCT/US2013/24785, PCT/US2013024785, PCT/US201324785
InventorsAllan T. Evans, Bruce E. Bernacki
ApplicantBattelle Memorial Institute, Allan T. Evans, Bruce E. Bernacki
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Image generation systems and image generation methods
CA 2863754 A1
Image generation systems and image generation methods are described. I n one aspect, an image generation system includes an attachment system configured to secure the image generation system to a head of a user in a position to be observed by the user; an illumination system having an exit pupil located at infinity and configured to emit light; a light modulator configured to receive the light from the illumination system and to selectively reflect at least some of the received light which corresponds to an image; a control system coupled with the light modulator and configured to access data content regarding the image, to generate a plurality of control signals according to the accessed data content, and to output the control signals to the light modulator to control the selective reflection of at least some of the received light; and an output optical system configured to direct the selectively reflected light towards an observer's eye to be observed by the observer.
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International ClassificationG02B27/01
Cooperative ClassificationG02B2027/0178, G02B27/017, G09G5/02