Special Olympics World Games

Special Olympics provides year-round sports training and hosts athletic competitions for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.Through their work, participating athletes find opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, and participate in a sharing of gifts with the global community.

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Special Olympics




At the 2015 World Games in Los Angeles, 6,500 athletes from 165 countries competed in 25 different sports, demonstrating the true meaning of courage, joy, and determination.

In order to launch this massive event, it was necessary to quickly organize 30,000 volunteers, 500,000 spectators, and tens of millions of dollars in donations.


To make the 2015 World Games successful, Special Olympics leveraged Google Workspace to coordinate their volunteers. They also used Ad Grants to engage viewers online, taking advantage of Google Analytics to better understand their target audience.

“Our mission of awareness that leads to acceptance and inclusion means getting in front of as many eyeballs as possible with these great stories. Google was able to help us both figure out who we’re talking to but also get a global audience to be able to get those messages out.”

Patrick McClenahan, President & CEO, 2015 Special Olympics World Games


Their Ad Grants campaign generated 44% of new users to the Special Olympics site, and drove half of their new subscriber signups.

Google Analytics also gave them a clear understanding of overall site behavior, and allowed them to measure the amount and sources of engagement they were generating.

And access to the YouTube Space in Los Angeles helped them create engaging video content on a very limited budget, driving even more awareness for their cause.

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