Applicants are invited to submit a technology-based project that has the potential to change society on a large scale. We will review your projects based on three criteria:

1. How you will use technology and innovation to make the world a better place.

Is it creative and data-driven? We’re looking for projects that use technology to solve a specific social issue on a grand scale.

2. How you will implement the Global Impact Award.

Is it rooted in research that identifies the size of the problem and how the proposed idea will help solve it? Does the roadmap explain what challenges might stand in the way and how they will be overcome?

3. How your team will execute your plan immediately and successfully.

We’re looking for signals that your team is poised for success. Do you have partners and collaborators? Does your team have a strong track record?

Get Inspired

Equal Opportunity Schools

Use data to identify high-performing yet underrepresented students and move them into advanced science, technology, engineering and maths courses.

Give Directly

Use mobile technology to bypass expensive intermediaries and put money directly in the hands of the poor, enabling them to pursue their own goals.


Fund successful teachers to bring more underrepresented students into advanced maths and science classrooms.

Consortium for the Barcode of Life

Apply DNA barcoding technology to identify endangered wildlife and prevent illegal poaching, trafficking and international trade.