Just getting started with adding maps to your site?

Plan Your Project

Many public benefit organisations have found mapping technology to be a powerful tool for bringing crucial issues to the public eye. The next best thing to showing your work to people first-hand and in-person is to do it virtually, and maps can be a great way to bring your cause to life. Many organisations are also using maps as decision support tools.

Watch this three minute introduction to develop a plan for your map.

Download this article to help you develop your ideas and plan your project, whether you are telling a story geospatially or using maps for internal decision making. GeoStrategies.pdf

Visit TechSoup to read A Non-profit's Introduction to Google's Online Mapping Tools written by Google Developer Advocate, Mano Marks and Chris Peters from TechSoup.

Develop your strategy before you add maps to your site.

  1. Define the goals of your map

    Decide what you'd like to map, be it a virtual tour of your humanitarian work around the world or a simple map of your donor base.

  2. Assemble your data

    Consider what stories, photos, videos, charts, spreadsheets, GIS data or other information you want to include in your map.

  3. Assess your team's technical ability

    Different map projects involve different technologies, ranging from KML to HTML, CSS, Javascript and so forth. Identify your team's capabilities.

  4. What kind of mapping technologies are right for you?

    You can do everything from hosting a simple static map on your website to incorporating a full cinematic tour in Google Earth into your website. Or, link to a Google Earth layer.

  5. Acquiring talent

    Learn what to ask for when looking for an external developer.

  6. Publish and promote your maps

    Now that you have a map, spread the word!

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