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Tips for navigating COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted your ability to accomplish your organisation’s goals. We're here to help.

As communities respond to COVID-19, we know that this time presents unique challenges for nonprofits. Below are some considerations as you evaluate your Ad Grants ads and adapt to dynamic market conditions.

COVID-19 Ad Grants Resources

Reach more users

Structure your account for effective ads.

Select keywords that you’d like to show an ad for and cluster them into themed ad groups. Write 3-5 compelling ads per ad group that are relevant to the keywords in that ad group. The ads will rotate and prioritise the ads that are performing better than others in the ad group.

Tips for success with Google Ad Grants

Make informed decisions

Conversion tracking is a free tool that reports on desired actions that your website visitors take, after they have interacted with your ads.

In addition to Google Ads showing how many people clicked on your ads, Google Ads or Google Analytics can track what customers do once they’ve arrived at your site. If you use a third party (e.g. PayPal, GiveLively) to track donations, take a look at our third-party-specific guides.

Ad Grants conversion tracking guide

Importing third-party goals

Automate your bidding

Automating your bids with Google Ads can save you time managing your account.

Maximise conversions, which is a smart bidding strategy, automatically sets bids to help get the most conversions for your campaign while spending your budget. In Ad Grants, using Maximise conversions, target CPA, or target ROAS bidding strategies allows the system to bid over the programme-level $2.00 USD max bid if your account’s performance merits this.

Smart bidding

Change how you bid

Get your questions answered

Utilise our help resources to get support and tips designed especially for grantees.

Take a look at out our Ad Grants FAQ guide, read our Ad Grants myths debunked page, or even reach out to our experts to get help on your specific account.

Ad Grants FAQ

Ad Grants myths debunked

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