Clothing. Footwear. Perfume. Watches. Turkey’s leading online retailer, Trendyol, uses shopping ads to get its diverse portfolio of popular products in front of potential customers when they’re searching on Google.


  • Founded in 2010, is the most-visited fashion website in Turkey. Two-thirds of Turkish women who shop online have shopped at Trendyol.
  • Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey


  • 1.5–2X higher ROAS.
  • 5% lower bounce rate.
  • 8%–15% increase in conversion rates.

Introduced in spring 2016, Feed Rules allow merchants to upload product information “as is”, and then update their product data with Merchant Center. With Feed Rules, Trendyol could apply custom labels to their product data and prioritise those products for showcasing on shopping ads. “We were looking to move the needle on sales,” says Gizem Çelenk, Digital Marketing Specialist at Trendyol. “So, we were thrilled when Feed Rules was introduced.”

The Shopping challenge

Trendyol saw an opportunity to promote products on shopping ads with three premium campaigns:

  • Expedited delivery – a programme they call ‘Fast Delivery’
  • Discounted brands for a 10-day ‘Shopping Fest’
  • The ‘Cool & Sexy’ line of clothing

Before Feed Rules existed, adding custom labels to their product data was a slow process. “Getting help from our IT team to make feed updates was very labour-intensive,” says Çelenk.

Moving the needle

For their “Fast Delivery” program, Trendyol used Feed Rules to apply a custom label to spotlight the expedited delivery feature in their product data. For their “Shopping Fest,” they used Feed Rules to assign custom labels and create a unique “Shopping Fest” campaign. There, they could feature a different, discounted brand each day of the promotion. Finally, for their “Cool & Sexy” line, which was initially disapproved because of the brand name, Trendyol easily set up a Feed Rule to swap out the word “sexy.”

Thanks to Feed Rules, our premium promotions are running on shopping ads campaigns. When we increase the amount of inventory that’s eligible for shopping ads, it’s a big win.”

Gizem Çelenk, Digital Marketing Specialist,

Best of all, adding Feed Rules is easy for Trendyol’s marketing team. “In less than five minutes, we can make these changes directly in Merchant Center,” notes Çelenk.

New rules for a better bottom line

Feed Rules have given Trendyol a powerful, efficient way to improve their Shopping campaigns. The real value can be seen in their overall performance results, including a 1.5–2X return on ad spend (ROAS), a 5% bounce rate reduction, and an 8–15% conversion rate increase.

The effect on specific promotions was even more dramatic: “Fast Delivery” delivered 1.5X ROAS, an 8% conversion rate increase “Shopping Fest” promotion saw a 2X ROAS, a 12% conversion rate increase * “Cool & Sexy” saw a 15% conversion rate increase and a 4% increase in traffic

“We were truly impressed by how a few simple Feed Rules made such a significant impact on performance and sales,” says Utku Gülbayrak, Digital Marketing Executive for Trendyol. “There’s no doubt that this innovative feature is making a noticeable contribution to our bottom line.”



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