GittiGidiyor, an eBay company, is a leading ecommerce marketplace in Turkey. GittiGidiyor strives to innovate and didn’t hesitate at the chance to try Smart Shopping Campaigns. They were excited to cut down their time-intensive optimisations for Shopping and dynamic remarketing campaigns by tapping into machine learning with one fully automated campaign to maximise sales and improve their return on ad spend (ROAS).


  • GittiGidiyor, an eBay company, is a leading ecommerce marketplace in Turkey, selling a wide selection of electronics, apparel, decor and more.
  • Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey


  • Maximise sales at highest potential return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Expand reach to display network.
  • Save resources on time-intensive, manual daily optimisations.


  • Enabled Smart Shopping campaign, containing all products.


  • 28% higher return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • 4% more sales at 18% less spend.
  • 17% better conversion rate on desktop and mobile.
  • Gained 17% more revenue per conversion.
  • 4% boost in mobile conversions with 11% higher average order value (AOV).

Using new technologies to drive better outcomes

From a wide selection of electronics, apparel, decor and more, GittiGidiyor sells an item every second through 20 million registered users and 85 million average monthly visits.* They strive to innovate and are often eager to adopt new technologies to streamline operations and drive better outcomes.

Efficiency is the key for our success. Smart Shopping campaigns add a lot to our business in terms of resource allocation and rate of return.”

Mine Albayrak Avdan, Head of Digital Marketing & CRM

GittiGidiyor launched their Smart Shopping campaign in November 2017 alongside their Standard Shopping campaigns. To fairly test and evaluate their performance results, they were able to split traffic evenly, half to the Smart Shopping campaign and the other half to their Standard Shopping campaigns. Their Smart Shopping campaign would automatically optimise bids across all products by using data-driven machine learning to maximise online sales while staying within their target return on ad spend. The only thing they needed to do was set an adequate budget and the Smart Shopping campaign would do the rest.

It was difficult to hand over complete control to automation. But, early results from the test encouraged us to continue investing in machine learning, which ended up paying off so much more in terms of time and money saved.”

Feyza Fedar, Marketing Director

The marketing team was spending a lot of time to optimise their Shopping and dynamic remarketing campaigns, which was taking resources away from other responsibilities and key initiatives. As soon as they heard of the opportunity to consolidate their optimisation efforts for Shopping and dynamic remarketing into one campaign, while achieving their ROAS target, they didn’t hesitate to try Smart Shopping campaigns.

Achieving better ROAS with fewer resources

GittiGidiyor already started seeing promising results within the first day. As they headed into the new year, they continued to see a 28% increase in ROAS with a 4% boost in sales at 18% less spend. They gained 17% more revenue per conversion while their conversion rates improved by 17% across mobile and desktop compared to their Standard Shopping campaigns. To their pleasant surprise, GittiGidiyor also saw a slight boost of 4% to their mobile conversions with an 11% lift in average order value (AOV).

Investing more in Shopping and other marketing channels

Without having to worry about daily optimisations, our team has finally been able to spend more time on optimising other key marketing channels as we expand our marketing mix.”

Burak Arslan, Digital Marketing Manager

For example, they were able to allocate more resources to polish and restructure their text ad account, which has already led to improved click-through rates. They were also able to develop more app-driven initiatives, such as app install campaigns.

Happy with their results, GittiGidiyor has invested more budget to continue growing their Smart Shopping campaign.

We’re hoping to eventually allow our partners to advertise their own products under our account, so automation was essential for our team to effectively manage and optimise our Shopping ads.”

Feyza Fedar, Marketing Director

The team has also been able to dedicate more time to improving other areas of their Shopping strategy, including product data optimisations and attribution modelling.

Smart Shopping campaigns are the future. Combining business goals, marketing objectives, creative assets and user data to give the best possible performance metrics? Who wouldn’t want that?”

Arda Ferizoğlu, Digital Marketing Specialist

GittiGidiyor is leading the way in using the power of data-driven machine learning to efficiently scale their business.

*Source: Similar Web 2017 comparison data



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