Culture Kings

Culture Kings is a world-renowned streetwear retailer, offering a curated selection of more than 100 leading street, sport, and fashion brands. From musical performances to barbershop services, they pride themselves in delivering premium retail experiences at their seven locations across Australia. Their unique stores have attracted notable athletes, artists and figures from across the globe.


  • Culture Kings is a world-renowned streetwear retailer, offering a curated selection of premium street, sport, and fashion brands as well as unique in-store experiences.
  • Headquarters: Brisbane, Australia


  • Increase online product coverage and online market share.
  • Deliver revenue while maintaining strict cost-per-sale and profitability targets.


  • Enabled automated feeds for shopping ads.
  • Focused on improving product data quality with Feed Rules.
  • Set up audience lists.
  • Launched a Smart Shopping campaign.


  • 33% increase in revenue.
  • 77% over return on ad spend (ROAS) target of 10:1.

Building a reputable online presence

Culture Kings has always excelled in creating rich offline shopping experiences. However, they wanted to invest more in building the same recognisable presence online. Culture Kings knew that they needed to run Google shopping ads to build their online visibility in conjunction with their text and YouTube campaigns. In the past, their efforts to expand with Google shopping ads were met with major roadblocks in the setup process. When they heard about new automation features that removed previous barriers, Culture Kings seized the opportunity.

Leveraging automation and data-driven machine learning

Before, the product feed proved to be a major obstacle for Culture Kings to get started on shopping ads. They often ran into technical issues with setting up and would encounter difficulties maintaining the freshness and quality of the feed.

The Shopping product feed is the most important part of any successful Shopping campaign, so we wanted to make sure that we were doing everything possible to make it work. By partnering with Google, we were able to automatically create a high quality and functional feed based on the products already found on our site.”

Kate Atkinson, Marketing Manager

In February 2018, Culture Kings enabled Automated feeds for shopping ads, which automatically crawled their website to generate a data feed containing their entire product inventory. They were able to have a working data feed within 24 hours—a major improvement on previous attempts.

We have more than 35,000 products on our website, and felt we were not capturing enough consumer demand for street fashion with our existing campaigns. Setting up shopping ads via Automated feeds offered us a way to massively expand coverage in a matter of days with very little resources and extremely high coverage.”

Joseph Refoy, Head of Ecommerce

Next, Culture Kings focused on improving their data quality to increase the number of products that could serve in the auction while ensuring their products matched to relevant search queries. They used Feed Rules to fill in missing required attributes and optimise their product data in Merchant Center.

Once their portfolio was in good shape, Culture Kings launched a Smart Shopping campaign and set up audience lists in Google Ads to connect their products with customers.

Trying to find the right people, at the right time, with the right format, is the challenge that every advertiser faces. After hearing about Smart Shopping campaigns, it made complete sense to use Google’s powerful data intelligence and technology to reach our consumers no matter where they are.”

Kate Atkinson, Marketing Manager

Smart Shopping campaigns leverage data-driven machine learning to automatically optimise their bids, audiences and placements across Google’s sites and networks, including display remarketing. Culture Kings only needed to set a budget and ROAS target. In a matter of minutes, they were up and running without any additional time or resources. Over time, the Smart Shopping campaign will continue to learn to show products to relevant customers that will maximise their revenue to achieve their ROAS target.

Surpassing initial expectations

Culture Kings saw immediate results. Three weeks after launching their Smart Shopping campaign, they exceeded their 12:1 ROAS goal by 8%. As time progressed, Culture Kings continued to see strong results, exceeding their long-term 10:1 ROAS goal by 77%. They also drove 33% more revenue than other digital marketing channels, surpassing their initial expectations.

Culture Kings also gathered useful insights around their customers. For example, they discovered that 77% of their revenue was coming from mobile devices, helping them understand where they needed to invest in shaping their online shopping experiences.

Bridging their online to offline strategy

Having seen outstanding online results, Culture Kings is ready to bridge their online and offline shopping experiences. They hope to optimise and use automation for their marketing activities across the board to drive their different business objectives of sales, store visits and customer acquisition. They are also looking to test local inventory ads to surface their local information right in their shopping ads.

Knowing that we are able to set our own return on ad spend helps us make more informed decisions on our digital investment. Developing a fully automated Google Shopping solution gives us peace of mind that allows us to better focus on other aspects of our business.”

Mike Angell, Chief Operating Officer


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