Bosch Power Tools is the global leader in power tools and accessories and a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. Robert Bosch GmbH has various business fields including Home Appliances, Automotive Supply, IoT and others. In the US, Bosch Power Tools sells products primarily through retail channels.


  • Reach more shoppers.
  • Provide customers with correct product information.


  • Submitted authoritative product information into Manufacturer Center.


  • Boosted conversion rate by 4%.

To reach more shoppers, the Power Tools Division of Bosch expanded their focus on online efforts, using Google to find new customers, wherever they were. Bosch leveraged text-based ads, and their retail partners used highly visual Shopping ads to connect consumers with their products. But even with broadening their approach online, Bosch found that they were not always reaching new customers with the right information. “Google has been great at giving us the reach we need to connect with new shoppers, right when they’re looking to buy,” said Sonesh Shah, Head of Brand and Digital at Bosch Power Tools.

But since we have many retail partners creating ads on our behalf, the experience was different for each customer, and they weren’t always finding our products within Google Shopping search results.”

For example, a user that searched for “lightweight drill” was unlikely to find the Bosch PS42 12V Brushless Drill, even though this was a key benefit of the product.

To ensure that searching shoppers were able to find exactly what they were looking for, Bosch became an early adopter of Manufacturer Center, a free tool to help brand manufacturers accurately represent their products to shoppers on and other Google services. By uploading complete and accurate product data into Manufacturer Center, brands increase their chances of standing out in a crowded marketplace – and ultimately get more of their products in the hands of consumers. “Manufacturer Center helped us surface the most relevant products to consumers in a consistent way,” said Shah.

The product description provided by Bosch highlighted that the PS42 is compact and lightweight. Even Shopping ads that don’t display product descriptions can benefit from this additional information, helping Google show the most useful ads to users. Now, when users search for “lightweight drill”, they are much more likely to find the PS42. As a result of uploading this more accurate, descriptive data, Bosch saw a 4% uplift in conversions across their updated products on the sites of retailers advertising Bosch products on Google.

As one of the first to adopt and influence the direction of Manufacturer Center, Bosch is looking forward to working closely with Google and the Manufacturer Center product to define additional features that will help them succeed online. “As we expand the products we sell, we’re excited to continue to leverage Manufacturer Center to highlight clear, consistent descriptions and benefits to consumers,” said Shah.



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