Get certified in just 3 steps.

Applying to be a Google Certified Shop is easy and the programme is free. Just follow the three steps below.

Apply now

1. Create a Google Trusted Stores account.

Verify your eligibility, review the Programme Agreement and tell us about your shop. If you have any questions about how to set up an account, go to the Help Centre.

2. Add the Google Trusted Stores code to your site.

Add the badge code and order confirmation module code to your website. After you've qualified as a Google Certified Shop, these will enable the badge to appear on your site and allow your customers to opt in to purchase protection.

3. Hold tight for a bit.

During the qualification period, which takes around 30-90 days, your customers can choose to receive a survey about their shopping experience with you. Google will review these Certified Shops surveys and other sources of data to determine if you qualify for the programme.

What to expect next.

Once you've completed the qualification period, we will contact you. If you've been approved, we will let you know before we begin showing the Google Certified Shops badge on your site.

As a Google Certified Shop, your customers can opt in to purchase protection and choose to fill out a Certified Shops survey. If a customer escalates an order issue, Google may work with you and the customer to address it.

e-Commerce Platforms for easy integration.

These e-commerce platforms offer easy integration with Google Trusted Stores.