Frames FAQ

Some common questions about Glass frames

How much do frames cost?

Glass frames are £175. Frames include a hard-body pebble case, cleaning cloth, extra nose pads, and a precision screwdriver used to swap frames. If you need prescription lenses and have vision insurance (such as VSP), your policy might help cover your new frames.

How do I fill my prescription?

Once you have your Glass frames, take them to one of our Preferred Providers or to your eyecare provider. Make sure to bring along Glass, frames, and its packaging. For more detail, go to the Glass frames site.

Why can't I find frames in the Glass store?

Glass frames are available through the Glass store whenever they are in stock. If they're unavailable for purchase, try back regularly. We'll refresh the site as soon as they're in stock.

Are frames under warranty?

All accessories enjoy the same limited warranty as Glass. Find more details on returns, exchanges, and warranty here.

Are frames covered under my insurance?

Depending on your insurance plan, you may be able to get reimbursed for some of the costs of the frames and/or lenses. We recommend that you reach out to your insurance provider directly to see if the frames or lenses are covered.

What is a Preferred Provider?

Preferred providers are trained on Glass and Glass frames. We recommend getting prescription lenses installed by a Glass Preferred Provider. However, you’re welcome to bring your frames to any eyecare provider.

Make sure to bring Glass, your frames, and its included packaging on your visit.