Google Maps APIs Grants Program

Access the Premium License to build customized maps using HTML5 and Javascript.

Google Earth Outreach allows nonprofit organizations to access the Google Maps APIs Premium license through Google for Nonprofits. For most public uses, the Google Maps APIs Standard license is sufficient. A Google Maps APIs Grant is required for organizations that wish to deploy Google Maps APIs on an internal network or need to accommodate occasional spikes (>25,000 map loads/day) on public maps. Consult Google Maps APIs FAQs to determine if the standard, free version of Google Maps APIs is right for your organization.

The Google Maps APIs are best suited for use by developers. If your organization is not currently working with a developer, we suggest exploring Google’s many other free mapping tools along with the Google Earth Outreach tutorials.

Visit Google Maps/Google Earth APIs Terms of Service (for standard use) and Google Maps API for Business - Purchase Agreement (for licensed use) for questions about usage.

What a Google Maps APIs Grant Includes:

*To learn more about how these credits are calculated, see the Premium Plan Usage Rates & Limits.

Google Maps APIs Grant for External use

(Public websites where access is free to anyone.) 1,000,000 Maps APIs Credits*; 12 month term

Google Maps APIs Grant for Internal use

(Used internally behind a firewall, only restricted users have access.) 500,000 Maps APIs Credits*; 12 month term

Ready to apply? See the Google Maps APIs Grant Activation Guide on Google for Nonprofits.

For additional questions see the Google for Nonprofits Help Center.