3D Buildings Tutorials

Intro to Google Building Maker

Learn how to make 3D models of buildings around the world for Google Earth. Position building blocks on top of aerial images to quickly create realistic looking buildings. Then save your buildings to the 3D Warehouse for inclusion in Google Earth. This online tool is free and easy to use.

Building Maker Help Center | Start Modeling | Your World in 3D

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Create 3D models with SketchUp

Learn how to make 3D buildings with Google SketchUp that appear in Google Earth. To get started all you need is a camera, Google Earth and Google SketchUp. Take photos of your building, give your building a geographic location in Google Earth, model in 3D with SketchUp and upload to the Google 3D Warehouse.

Geo-modeling Help Center | Placing a SketchUp model in Earth | Your World in 3D

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Geo-modeling with SketchUp and Building Maker

In this tutorial video you will learn how to use both Google Building Maker and Google SketchUp to create models for Google Earth. Start in Building Maker by making a simple massing model with provided aerial photography, then save to the Google 3D Warehouse and finally download to Google SketchUp to add details and textures.

Building Maker Help Center | Creating an Image Igloo | Geomodeling for Google Earth

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Modeling with Site Context

With Google SketchUp 8, you can create detailed and accurate site context for any project. From SketchUp, you can add a location with the new geo-modeling tools.

Adding a Location | Geo-modeling for Google Earth

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