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The data-driven marketer’s playbook: Building an integrated data strategy.

An integrated data strategy can help any business see customer journeys more clearly ― and then give customers more relevant ads and experiences that get results. So why doesn't everyone have such a strategy? We look at what sets the marketing leaders apart.

Let marketing data be your guide

If you've ever felt too swamped by data to find the customer insights you need, you're not alone. But there's a new and better approach to gaining deeper audience insights: building an integrated data strategy.

Read this report to learn how:

  • 86% of senior executives agree that eliminating organizational silos is critical to expanding the use of data and analytics in decision-making.
  • 75% of marketers agree that lack of education and training on data and analytics is the biggest barrier to more business decisions being made based on data insights.
  • Leading marketers are 59% more likely to use digital analytics to optimize the user experience in real time.
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Get ahead of your customers with an integrated data strategy

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