Measure and Track

If you measure and track the performance of your advertising campaign quickly and accurately, it can help you to make smarter decisions. Google's robust reporting and tracking tools show you what works best in your Google Display Network campaign, such as which ads get the most clicks and which sites give you the most sales for the lowest cost.

Once you know when and where your ad performs best, you can adjust your targeting and bidding strategy to get the most out of your investment.

Tracking Tools

Measure the power of your ads with Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking helps you to see which visitors to your site actually take the action that you want. With Google AdWords, you can specify the actions that matter to you – sales, newsletter sign-ups, visits to a special page – and we'll let you know which Display Network clicks or views led to that action. You can view the data every day in your performance reports and do what you need to do to attract more of those active visitors.

When you use AdWords Conversion Tracking, you can also track view-through conversions. A view-through conversion shows up when a display ad wasn't clicked but still led to a conversion. This statistic can help you find the best ad placements for overall conversions.

Get more for less with Conversion Optimiser

The Conversion Optimiser uses your AdWords Conversion Tracking data to get you more conversions at a lower cost. The Google technology finds your best auction placements – the ones most likely to turn into conversions for you. It then adjusts your placements to get you as many profitable clicks as possible.

A conversion can be whatever action you value most, like a sales lead, a purchase or a visit to a special page on your site. Suppose that you want people to sign up for your newsletter: Conversion Tracking can show you which of your ads led to the most sign-ups. Then you can enable the Conversion Optimiser to adjust your bids, so your money is invested where it gets the most conversions.

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Use information to increase sales

Google Analytics is a powerful way to find out how customers get to your website and what they do when they get there. If visitors who clicked your Display Network text ads tend to visit your sales page and then buy basketball shoes, the custom reports in Google Analytics will show you this information. It's free to everyone and gives you data that can help you write better ads, strengthen your marketing and make site adjustments that lead to more sales and conversions.

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Reporting Options

Note: The first four reports listed can be found under the Tools and Analysis tab of your AdWords campaign. The view-through conversions data can be found in your main campaign data section.

Improve your campaign's performance with new Keyword-Level Reporting

Keyword-level targeting, reporting and bidding are available on the Google Display Network, allowing you to copy your Search campaigns' keyword performance on to display ads easily.

Know the performance of every ad with Placement Performance Reports

A Placement Performance report shows you where your ad appeared, how many clicks and conversions it got and how much each action cost. Use the information in this daily report to shift your spending to the best-performing pages.

Find your ideal audience with Demographic Reports

The Demographic report will show you if your ad performed better with certain groups, such as women or people aged 18-35. This data comes directly from websites. Then you can use AdWords demographic bidding to move your budget to the best-performing customers and sites.

Maximise your reach with Reach and Frequency Reports

The Reach and Frequency report tells you how many people saw your ads and how many times they saw them over a certain period of time. You can add a frequency cap to your campaigns to reduce repeat impressions if they aren't adding to your bottom line.

Measure the impact of your display campaigns with Campaign Insights

Campaign Insights is a unique measurement tool that delivers reliable data about how a display campaign raised brand awareness or got users interested in a particular product or service. It calculates the increase in both online search activity and website visits that results from a display ad campaign. At the moment, it’s available only for larger display ad campaigns across the US and UK.

Calculate the full value of conversions with View-Through Conversion Reports

A View-Through Conversion Report shows you the number of online conversions that resulted after a user saw, but did not click, your display ad on one of the sites on the Google Display Network. This information can help you measure how effective your campaign is and find the best ad placements for overall conversions.

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