2-click checkout for Android and iOS apps

With Google Wallet Instant Buy, you can let your users checkout in as few as 2 clicks and enhance their shopping experience.

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Fast checkout for mobile sites

Typically, mobile shoppers have to fill out up to 25 fields to checkout. It's no wonder up to 97% of them abandon their shopping carts. With Google Wallet, shoppers can checkout easily without having to manually enter their payment information.

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More logged in users

By implementing Google+ Sign-in along with Instant Buy, you can enable users to skip registration and sign in to your app with their Google account. Having more logged in users lets you deliver a highly engaging and personalized experience.

Lightweight integration. No additional fees.

Instant Buy works with your existing payment processor so you can integrate and start accepting Google Wallet within weeks. All payments are processed through your existing infrastructure, so there are no additional fees.

Safer payments

All transactions are monitored 24/7 for fraud to enable a safer shopping experience for your customers.

Merchant partners

If you would like to integrate Google Wallet to streamline payment and enhance your customers' shopping experience, please contact us.

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Success stories

Merchants who have implemented the Google Wallet "Buy with Google" button have already seen significant business success to meet their various objectives. Please download their stories below to learn more.

EAT24 logo

11%higher average order value for Google Wallet users than credit card purchasers

Fancy logo

20%conversion increase
across all purchase channels

Newegg logo

2Xincrease in purchase
conversion on mobile website

Priceline logo

71%higher conversion rate
for Google Wallet users
who signed in with Google

Rue la la logo

4Xincrease in purchase
conversion for Google Wallet
users on Android app

Tabbedout logo

25%of all transactions
were made with Google Wallet

Ticket Liquidator logo

11%of mobile website purchases were made with Google Wallet

Wish logo

2Xincrease in purchase conversion for "Buy with Google" users on iOS and Android apps

Platform partners

If you need help integrating with Google Wallet, please get in touch with our platform partners listed below.

If you are a platform partner and would like to offer Google Wallet as part of your product portfolio, please contact us.

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Accept Google Wallet in your brick and mortar stores.

Use NFC readers to accept Google Wallet and enable your customers to tap and pay with their phones. You can get NFC readers from your POS terminal provider.

The Google Wallet app, card and "Buy with Google" products are currently only available in the US. Please note that the content of this site will not be applicable for users outside of the US.