Dynamic Remarketing for Retail Advertisers

the rundown

Wouldn't it be nice to tailor your ads to appeal to what consumers actually want and have? Now you can. Dynamic Remarketing uses info from your merchant catalog to remind consumers what they've liked in the past and suggest things that they might like based on what they've already purchased. This means that each consumer will get a unique experience based on their preferences.

Every customer is unique. Dynamic remarketing takes this into account, letting you create and deliver beautiful customised ads that connect visitors with their past shopping experiences on your site.

If you’re a retailer with a Google Merchant Center account, you can use dynamic remarketing to construct remarketing ads on the fly with the products and messages that are predicted to perform best based on visitors’ past actions on your site.

For example: Customers who browsed the dresses category on an advertiser’s website might see an ad that includes an array of the exact products they’ve already viewed, in addition to related products from the company’s catalog. In the ModCloth example above, the ad also shows details of a recently viewed dress, including the price.

While dynamic remarketing is currently available to retail clients, we are also piloting travel and education sectors and will continue to expand availability to all sectors.

Easy setup, sophisticated segmentation
Getting started with dynamic remarketing has never been easier. You’ll be guided through a simple and intuitive setup process. We even suggest initial remarketing lists to get your campaigns up and running.

Dynamic remarketing lets you fine-tune your audience segments with precision. The remarketing tag makes this granular segmentation possible by letting you define and pass custom parameter values to build your remarketing lists. The tag collects details such as the product ID and the type of page the customer visited (product page, shopping cart page, purchase page). Tag validation tools help you make sure your remarketing tags are correctly implemented on your site.

Creative that converts
Creating a beautiful ad that piques shoppers’ interest and inspires consumers to take action starts with the right layout. We provide dozens of templates and are continuously adding more layout options. The auto-optimized layout feature chooses the specific layout predicted to perform best for each user segment and device. Using the best performing layout option in their campaign, Sierra Trading Post saw a 2x higher clickthrough rate (compared to standard ad formats) and a 5x higher conversion rate. Learn more about building dynamic creative.

Pair shoppers with products they care about
When the ads you show consumers match their interests and affinities, shoppers are more likely to return to your site. With our product recommendation engine, your dynamic ads display products that are likely to interest that specific customer, based on a wide variety of quality signals. Taking into account the products and categories people have viewed on your site, products and categories related to those viewed on your site, the most popular products on your site, along with the context of the web page currently being viewed, Google’s product recommendation engine populates each dynamic ad with the most interesting and relevant array of products. Learn more: Download the product recommendation engine factsheet.

Some examples: People who bought running shoes yesterday might see ads today that include socks and running shorts. Shoppers who recently went to your website to look into pasta machines could see ads with Italian cookbooks or servings bowls. Or photo enthusiasts who regularly visit an online electronics retailer to keep up to date on the latest DSLR cameras might see ads that highlight an array of cameras in addition to camera accessories like lenses and tripods.

Build an ad in minutes. With dynamic remarketing, you can create slick dynamic ads in minutes from components that already exist in your Merchant Center catalog and messaging you’ve defined for each remarketing list.

  • With dynamic ads, you have the option of tapping into both image and text formats. To create an image ad, you just need to upload your logo and our templates do the rest. The text ad will be automatically created as part of the campaign setup flow.
  • For more customized ads, start with one of the dynamic creative templates and customise the colours, fonts, and layout to reflect the style elements of your brand. Use images from our stock files, your computer, or your website.
  • Once your ad is created for the campaign, our smart technology will grab the ad it predicts will perform best at any given moment.

Learn more about how you can build an ad in minutes with Dynamic Creative for Remarketing.

Tailoring your ads to online shoppers based on their experiences on your site and their preferences can help you see better results from your campaigns. Dynamic remarketing with Google brings sophisticated technology to your marketing. For more details on getting started on dynamic remarketing campaigns, reference this help center article.