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John Lewis

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  1. To put it simply I brought a TV from John Lewis, which in less than a week developed a fault. This was confirmed by the company tech support, who confirmed it needed to be replaced, however they didn't order the replacement. After several phone calls (at my expense) I was told it would take over 2 weeks to replace the item even though they had several in stock, and it would have been quicker for me to order a new TV on line. I was promised several calls by the customer service manager who never quite managed to, and when I called him always had an excuse as to why he couldn't. I think finally my TV is going to be replaced, but I am just not 100% sure when!!! Think very carefully about buying products from John Lewis on line, because although it comes with a 5 year warranty you might be waiting half of that to get the item replaced.
    Written by James H on December 20, 2014
  2. Please don't buy from them.Please don't .I've ordered pair of curtains.One of them came with three black stains on it.Sent email.Got answer suggesting refund I agreed.Then the next day I got another mail witn another suggestion for help and so on during 7 days I got 7 different emails from different people and actualy nobody helped me.I am left with rubbish curtains,which I can't use bought for 135.They are doing this on purpose.Waiting for me to give up.Just waisting my time!!Don't buy from them.Nobody will help you if you have a problem
    Written by ILIYANA MITSOVSKA on December 11, 2014
  3. Just spent 3 days trying to buy a 800 TV from them. They got pretty much everything possible wrong. Wrong order was put through system by JL in first place. They don't know their own product codes or how to find them ( I had to talk them through their own website to find codes). Then told product out of stock, but website showing 2 available and they had put through my order day before. Finally had 2 members of staff hang up the phone on me. Shocking customer service. Inept, useless, rude. E-mailed head of customer services and still awaiting a response.
    Written by David on December 1, 2014
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