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Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau De Toilette, 1 oz

$29 online
Eau de Toilette · Spray · 1 oz · Narciso Rodriguez
A journey into a heart of musc with all its multiple facets. A mysterious essence for an unforgettable woman graced with sophistication and femininity. The blend of floral, amber, and woody notes expresses a subtle elegance that captures the senses and leaves a timeless, tender trail.

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  • Love, Love, Love, Love This!!!!
    - May 12, 2014 - Sephora
    I have reviewed this Eau de Toilette before but I think it is just so lovely and so wonderful...I have to review it every time I buy it!!!! I have been buying this once every year on either Mother's Day or my birthday! This is my yearly indulgence! I always get the larger bottle and make it last for exactly a year.I use it very sparingly and I have it down so that each and every bottle will last me exactly a year!! This is the most wonderful fragrance I have ever found. It is soft and sexy and very very feminine! I get complements on it each and every time I wear it and I have NEVER-EVER had any one comment or complement me on ANY kind of fragrance I have my life, but Narciso Rodrigues For Her ! It is so beautiful and so lovely I would recommend it to every lady who loves feminine fragrances. Granted it's not for every is lightly floral with a lot of other notes in it , it is just right for me! I have purchased it in a set had a smaller bottle with a hand lotion and a small purse size bottle...which I "thought" was refillable but, sadly the little bottle was not refillable at all! However...I want to say that the Eau de Toilette that was in the purse size bottle did not have the "exact" same fragrance in it as was in the larger bottle...the sent was close but not the same plus it did not last as long...I was not the only one who noticed the husband, who is extremely sensitive to fragrances actually loves this as much as I do and when I used the little purse bottle he could not smell it on me...he thought I was not wearing perfume of any kind!! And he misses nothing in the way of fragrances that I wear..because he mostly hates them!! Also the hand lotion smells good but not like the cologne at it is so very very very strong and very only need the teeniest-tiniest drop of it but putting it on your hands is a big is so over-powering if you put it on your hands...the smell comes off on everything...even your food if you eat snacks or sandwiches, it comes off on your drinking glasses ...anything you touch, it' comes off on and it does not wear off!! So I don't use this very often and never ever again on my hands...I use it on my legs and feet at night when I go to bed after a shower or bath and that's enough for me and it does make the bed smell great and when I put socks on you can still smell it but it is not as over powering! I am sensitive to fragrances the stronger ones tend to give me horrible migraines as does this hand lotion..when it's on my hands and gets all over everything I if you are into strong fragrances and not sensitive, this hand lotion is for you! I was disappointed in the purse size fragrance, it was not as nice or as fragrant as the original bottle and I was disappointed in the fact that the purse bottle can not be refilled!! Other than that I LOVE this Eau de Toilette and will continue to purchase it every single year for my special yearly treat/indulgence. I can't say enough wonderful things about this fragrance. I have never had a favorite fragrance before I found this!! Read full review
  • Modern Classic
    - December 17, 2015 - Sephora
    I love this perfume in both the Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum. I have a few fragrances I consistently return to, and are no doubt classics that have stood (or will stand) the test of time. I tend to favor slightly Oriental or woodsy notes with a slight hint of floral - nothing overkill at any end, and nothing sweet. I tend to reach for this one most often, followed by my Chanel No 19. This is one of those perfumes that was very popular when it first came out, but it's not one that I pick up on people very often, and it's definitely not some Pink Sugar or strong 80's Oriental that can be detected across a room. Finally, I get absolutely no "old lady" feel - an unimaginative phrase I detest. (I'll venture to say that anyone using that description isn't old enough to remember some of the overwhelming powdery/florals that my grandmother wore, that's not because I'm an "old lady." I digress...) Fragrances are extremely subjective. It should go without saying, but try it on at a store if you're able. Read full review
  • A lesson in this perfume
    - April 5, 2014 - Sephora
    I am addicted to this perfume, I can't wait to wear it every day despite owning 35-40 perfumes in total. I just wanted to respond to the reviews about it disappearing within 20 minutes. Perfumes are typically synthesized chemicals that are "smell profiles" in that they are meant to mimic notes such as orange blossom or musk. The synthetic musk (and real musk) is the largest scent molecule in perfumery and often, people are anosmic to it. This means that some people cannot smell it, despite the fact that they've sprayed several day's worth of perfume on themselves. While this may seem a bad thing for perfume, consider that fragrances are also made to evoke emotions. Even if you can't smell the musk, it is still an aphrodisiac. Something about this perfume just turns you on. So give this one a chance. It's amazing to me that I can only barely smell it, so I feel like it's hugging my skin, but other people stop me to ask what I'm wearing when I walk by. Read full review


BrandNarciso Rodriguez
Part Numbers1410737, 89255500000