Make smart connections

Teach your family not to arrange in-person meetings with people that they “meet” online, and not to share personal information with online strangers. Google’s tools make it easy for you and your family to interact online with the people that you know and avoid the ones you don’t. When your teens start using online communication tools like Hangouts, Google+ and Blogger, the first step is always to have a conversation about making smart choices and being a good digital citizen.

Advice from our partners

Childnet International

It can be hard for parents and carers to supervise what young people are doing online, including who they are talking with, but it is important to remember that not everyone or everything online is reliable or trustworthy. Although chatting to people online is popular, there are potential risks in communicating with people you don’t know, and unfortunately some children have been hurt when they have met up with friends they have met online. Childnet’s website shares information on how to stay safe when chatting online. If you are concerned that a child or young person is being inappropriately contacted online by an adult you can report it to CEOP.