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Publication numberWO2017014673 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/RU2016/000431
Publication date30 Mar 2017
Filing date12 Jul 2016
Priority date17 Jul 2015
Also published asWO2017014673A2
Publication numberPCT/2016/431, PCT/RU/16/000431, PCT/RU/16/00431, PCT/RU/2016/000431, PCT/RU/2016/00431, PCT/RU16/000431, PCT/RU16/00431, PCT/RU16000431, PCT/RU1600431, PCT/RU2016/000431, PCT/RU2016/00431, PCT/RU2016000431, PCT/RU201600431, WO 2017/014673 A3, WO 2017014673 A3, WO 2017014673A3, WO-A3-2017014673, WO2017/014673A3, WO2017014673 A3, WO2017014673A3
InventorsАлексей Викторович ДЕМЬЯНОВ, Валерий Павлович КЛИМОВ
ApplicantОбщество с ограниченной ответственностью "Наука-Энерготех"
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Independent multi-module limited power electrical energy generating plant
WO 2017014673 A3
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering. The claimed plant consists of: an even number "n" of identical generating modules, the outputs of each two generating modules being connected as a pair to a user load common power bus module; a common control system module; and a common external starting device module, which is connected to the user load common power bus module. Each generating module comprises a free piston Stirling engine having an integral linear generator, a resonant tuning capacitor and a rectifier assembly, which are connected in series; and a ballast unit, a secondary circuit of the common external starting device module and an intrinsic control system, which are connected in parallel to the linear generator and to the resonant tuning capacitor. The negative outputs of all of the rectifier assemblies are connected to form a negative potential bus of the user load common power bus module. The positive outputs of each of the two rectifier assemblies of the generating modules are connected to a first and a second end output of a compensating coil, while a middle output of the compensating coil is connected to a common positive potential point of the user load common power bus module. The common external starting device module is capable of starting all of the generating modules simultaneously.
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International ClassificationH02J3/38