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Publication numberWO2012148704 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2012/033460
Publication date4 Apr 2013
Filing date13 Apr 2012
Priority date27 Apr 2011
Also published asCA2832481A1, CN103492662A, EP2702223A2, EP2702223A4, US20110209922, WO2012148704A2
Publication numberPCT/2012/33460, PCT/US/12/033460, PCT/US/12/33460, PCT/US/2012/033460, PCT/US/2012/33460, PCT/US12/033460, PCT/US12/33460, PCT/US12033460, PCT/US1233460, PCT/US2012/033460, PCT/US2012/33460, PCT/US2012033460, PCT/US201233460, WO 2012/148704 A3, WO 2012148704 A3, WO 2012148704A3, WO-A3-2012148704, WO2012/148704A3, WO2012148704 A3, WO2012148704A3
InventorsWilliam W. King, Michael R. Reese, Steven W. Drews, Ian Alastair Kirk, Scott Buteaud
ApplicantVarel International, Ind., L.P.
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Casing end tool
WO 2012148704 A3
A casing end tool has a mandrel and a body that is defined by a wall having an outer surface and an inner surface opposite of the outer surface. The body is fabricated from crystalline tungsten powder and a binder material. The inner surface includes a set of raised bosses or land structures. The body includes a plurality of blades on the outer surface. Each blade has a plurality of cutters. Blade channels and cutter channels on the blades enhance fragmentation of the body during drill out of the casing end tool.
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1 *See also references of EP2702223A4
International ClassificationE21B10/43, E21B10/46, E21B10/627
Cooperative ClassificationB22F7/062, E21B10/61, B22F2005/001, E21B10/55, E21B17/14, E21B10/567, E21B7/20, C22C26/00, E21B10/43
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Ref document number: 2832481
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Ref document number: 2012776178
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Ref document number: 2013152354
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