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Publication numberWO2012145533 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2012/034288
Publication date17 Jan 2013
Filing date19 Apr 2012
Priority date19 Apr 2011
Also published asEP2700019A2, EP2700019A4, EP2700020A2, EP2700020A4, EP2700021A2, EP2700021A4, US8316098, US8356080, US9084105, US9300719, US20120271903, US20120271908, US20120289239, US20120290675, US20120331059, US20130166669, US20150052215, US20150208409, WO2012145533A2, WO2012145541A2, WO2012145541A3, WO2012145544A2, WO2012145544A3
Publication numberPCT/2012/34288, PCT/US/12/034288, PCT/US/12/34288, PCT/US/2012/034288, PCT/US/2012/34288, PCT/US12/034288, PCT/US12/34288, PCT/US12034288, PCT/US1234288, PCT/US2012/034288, PCT/US2012/34288, PCT/US2012034288, PCT/US201234288, WO 2012/145533 A3, WO 2012145533 A3, WO 2012145533A3, WO-A3-2012145533, WO2012/145533A3, WO2012145533 A3, WO2012145533A3
InventorsMichael Luna
ApplicantSeven Networks, Inc.
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Shared resource and virtual resource management in a networked environment
WO 2012145533 A3
Systems and methods for shared resource or virtual resource management in a networked environment are disclosed. In one aspect, embodiments of the present disclosure include a method, which may be implemented on a system, includes, creating a virtual memory pool from an aggregation of the physical memory of the devices and/or allocating portions of the virtual memory pool to a given device among the devices. Further, the portions of the virtual memory pool allocated to the given device are in part accessible over a wireless connection for data retrieval and storage by the given device.
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