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Publication numberWO2006099125 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2006/008575
Publication date6 Dec 2007
Filing date10 Mar 2006
Priority date10 Mar 2005
Also published asCA2600526A1, CA2600529A1, CA2600529C, CN101194129A, CN101194129B, CN101208563A, CN101208563B, EP1856453A2, EP1856453A4, EP1856453B1, EP1856454A2, EP1856454A4, EP1856454B1, US8147302, US20060234621, US20070082601, WO2006099125A2, WO2006099337A2, WO2006099337A3
Publication numberPCT/2006/8575, PCT/US/2006/008575, PCT/US/2006/08575, PCT/US/6/008575, PCT/US/6/08575, PCT/US2006/008575, PCT/US2006/08575, PCT/US2006008575, PCT/US200608575, PCT/US6/008575, PCT/US6/08575, PCT/US6008575, PCT/US608575, WO 2006/099125 A3, WO 2006099125 A3, WO 2006099125A3, WO-A3-2006099125, WO2006/099125A3, WO2006099125 A3, WO2006099125A3
InventorsEric M Desrochers, Gordon P Sharp
ApplicantAircuity Inc, Eric M Desrochers, Gordon P Sharp
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Dynamic control of dilution ventilation in one-pass, critical environments
WO 2006099125 A3
A dilution ventilation control system for use in a one-pass, critical environments comprising: one or more one-pass, critical environments comprising, a variable source of supply airflow volume, an exhaust for completely exhausting the airflow volume supply from the critical environment and from a building comprising the critical environment through one or more exhaust ducts; and at least one an airflow control device provided in one or more of the ducts to vary the exhaust airflow volume from the critical environment; a facility monitoring system comprising at least one air contaminant sensor for sensing at least one air contaminant of the critical environment; a signal processing controller that generates one or more airflow command signals based at least in part on at least one sensed air contaminant; and a critical environment airflow controller that uses the airflow command signal to at least partially control the critical environment's supply and exhaust airflow volumes.
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International ClassificationF24F11/00
Cooperative ClassificationF24F2110/10, F24F2110/20, F24F2110/70, F24F2110/50, F24F11/30, F24F2110/66, Y02A50/249, G01N1/26, F24F11/0001, G01N33/0063, G01N1/2273, F24F3/0442, F24F3/044, Y02B30/767, Y02B30/78
European ClassificationF24F3/044B, F24F3/044, G01N1/26, F24F11/00R9, F24F11/00C, F24F11/00R3C
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2 Nov 2006121Ep: the epo has been informed by wipo that ep was designated in this application
4 Sep 2007REEP
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