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Publication numberWO1999016099 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US1998/020158
Publication date20 May 1999
Filing date25 Sep 1998
Priority date26 Sep 1997
Also published asCA2304543A1, CA2304554A1, CA2304619A1, EP1015970A2, EP1015970A4, EP1015986A1, EP1015986A4, EP1015995A1, EP1015995A4, US6115040, US6377993, US6385644, US6470386, US6490620, US6574661, US6587836, US6598167, US6606708, US6611498, US6615258, US6631402, US6956845, US6968571, US7114083, US7236486, US7814533, US8073777, US8479259, US8495724, US8935772, US9197599, US20020054587, US20030041263, US20030191970, US20040019808, US20050114712, US20050210296, US20050216421, US20060098583, US20100024012, US20130111576, WO1999015950A1, WO1999015960A2, WO1999015960A3, WO1999015974A1, WO1999015975A1, WO1999015977A1, WO1999015978A1, WO1999015979A1, WO1999015979A9, WO1999015984A1, WO1999015988A2, WO1999015988A3, WO1999015989A1, WO1999015989A9, WO1999015996A2, WO1999015996A3, WO1999016002A1, WO1999016099A2, WO1999016198A1, WO1999016202A2, WO1999016203A2, WO1999016203A3, WO1999016206A1, WO1999016207A1, WO1999016218A1, WO1999016230A1, WO1999019803A1
Publication numberPCT/1998/20158, PCT/US/1998/020158, PCT/US/1998/20158, PCT/US/98/020158, PCT/US/98/20158, PCT/US1998/020158, PCT/US1998/20158, PCT/US1998020158, PCT/US199820158, PCT/US98/020158, PCT/US98/20158, PCT/US98020158, PCT/US9820158, WO 1999/016099 A3, WO 1999016099 A3, WO 1999016099A3, WO 9916099 A3, WO 9916099A3, WO-A3-1999016099, WO-A3-9916099, WO1999/016099A3, WO1999016099 A3, WO1999016099A3, WO9916099 A3, WO9916099A3
InventorsCarol Y Devine, Gerald A Shifrin, Richard W Shoulberg
ApplicantCarol Y Devine, Gerald A Shifrin, Richard W Shoulberg
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Secure customer interface for web-based data management
WO 1999016099 A3
An integrated series of security protocols is disclosed that protect remote user communications (22) with remote enterprise services, and simultaneously protect the enterprises services from third parties. In the first layer, an implementation of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) version of a HTTPS provides communications security, including authentication of the enterprise web server and the security of the transmitted data. The protocols provide for an identification of the user, and an authentication of the user to ensure the user is who he/she claims to be and a determination of entitlements that the user may avail themselves of within the enterprise system. Session security is described, particularly as to the differences between a remote user's copper wire connection to a legacy system and a user's remote connection to the enterprise system over a 'stateless' public Internet (15), where each session is a single transmission, rather than an interval of time between logon and logoff, as is customary in legacy systems. Security for the enterprise network and security for the data maintained by the various enterprise applications is also described.
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