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Publication numberUS973319 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date18 Oct 1910
Filing date16 Jul 1909
Priority date16 Jul 1909
Publication numberUS 973319 A, US 973319A, US-A-973319, US973319 A, US973319A
InventorsCharles G Thunen, George A Morrill
Original AssigneeCharles G Thunen, George A Morrill
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US 973319 A
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Patented Oct. 18, 1910.

cnan'rss G. rnnnnn, or OROVILLE, AND GEORGE A. MOBRILL, or OAKLAND, camronma.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Got. 18, 1910.

Application filed July 16, 1909. Serial No. 507,889.

An object of this invention is to provide a device which will be simple in construction, strong and durable, and at the same time may be cheaply manufactured.

Another object of the invention is to provide a device which will be adjustable, so as to be readily applied to either the head or handle of a cycle, and which will also be adjustable, to fit diflerent sizes and styles of lamps.

These and further objects, together with the construction and combination of parts, will be more fully described hereinafter and particularly set forth in the claims.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings formin a part of this specification, in which simi ar characters of refer ence indicate corresponding parts in both views, and in which Figure 1 1s a perspective view, showing the device a tached to the head of a cycle and Fig. 2 i a horizontal section of the de- V109;

Referring more particularly to the separate parts of the device, 1 indicates a head bar of a cycle, on which a supportin memher 2 is adapted to be clamped. T e supporting member 2 consists'of two parts, 3

and 4, which are preferably stamped ofsome suitable metal and have concave engaging portions 5 and-6, on the inner surfaces of which are secured suitable cushions 7 and 8, which may be made of any suitable material, such as rubber, felt or the like. The part 4 has, at the end, just beyond the concave portion 6, an extension 9, which extends at an angle thereto and has a plurality of perforations 10 therein, which are adapted to be engaged by a, suitable hook member 11 on the other part 3 of the supporting member 2. By this means, the parts 3 and 4 may be adjusted relative to each other, so

as to engage securely, su ports of diiferent sizes. At the'opposite en of the supporting member 2, the parts 3 and 4 are provided with facing concave portions 12 and 13, which form a socket for a suitable ball-end 14:, which is preferably integral with a lampattaching member 15. The surfaces of the ball 14 and the engaging concaves 12 and 13 are preferably roughened or milled so as to grip each other firmly.

Intermediate the ends of the supporting member 2, there is provided on the part 3, an angular perforation, through which a suitable adjusting member 16, which is preferably in the form of a screw, is adapted to pass. This screw 16 also extends through an alined opening in the part 4, and is adapted to clamp the parts 3 and 4 together by means of a thumb-screw 17 which is threaded onto the screw 16, and engages one or more washers 18, interposed between the thumb screw 17 and the part 4. This screwand-nut arrangement serves the double purpose of locking the supporting member to a support, and also of locking the attaching member to the supporting member in any adjusted position, this relative adjustment being permitted by the universal joint or ball-and-socket arrangement, hereinbefore described.

The lamp-attaching member, at its end opposite to the ball 1 1, is preferably somewhat reduced, so as to form a lamp-engaging portion 19. To this part, there is pivoted byany suitable means, such as a rivet 20, a similar lamp-en aging portion 21. The portions 19and 21 have suitable alined slots 22, which are adapted to receive an attaching member on the lamp. These slots, together with the side surfaces of the portions 19 and 21, are preferably milled or sur aces. The pur ose of havin a plurality of portions 19 an fit difi'erent styles and sizes 0 lamps which are provided with bifurcated lugs the tongues of which are separated from each other by varying distances in diflerent styles of lamps.

While the device is shown as attached to the head bar of a cycle, it may just as readily be attached to the handle bar or any other portion of the machine, and inasmuch as there is provided a. universal connection berouphened, so as to form positive engaging 21, is in or er that the attaching member may be ada ted to readily su porting member, the lamp is thus per- .mltted to be held in its upright position, no

matter to what part of the machine the bracket is attached.

Having thus described our invention, we claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent.:

1. In a bracket, the combination with a lamp attaching member, of a supporting member, means for adjusting said supporting member relative to said attaching member, means for lockin said members in any adjusted relation, and means for adjusting the thickness of said attaching member to fit different lamps.

2. In a bracket, the combination with a lamp-attaching member having a slotted lamp-engaging portion, an auxiliary slotted lamp-engaging portion pivoted to said firstmentioned portion, a roughened ball-end on said lamp-attaching member, a supporting member for said attaching member, said supportin member comprising two parts, each of W ich have facing concave portions on one end which are adapted to form a socket to receive said ball-end, said parts of said supporting member having at their opposite ends concave support-engaging portions, cushions for said support-engaging portions, means for adjusting said parts relative to each other, and screw -threaded means for locking said parts together.

said perforations to form an adjustable.

hinge joint, and means for adjustably securing said parts together.

4. In a bracket, the combination with a supporting member, of. a lamp-attaching member comprising a roughened ball end, a lamp engaging portion rigidly secured to said ball end and having a slot therein, and a lamp engaging portion pivotally secured to said first-mentioned lamp en aging portion and having a slot therem a apted to be brought into alinement with said first-mentioned slot.

' In testimony whereof we have signed our names to this specification in the presence of the subscribing witnesses.



Witnesses to the signature of Charles G. Thunen:


Witnesses to the signature of George A. Morrill:


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Cooperative ClassificationB62J6/02