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Publication numberUS937795 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date26 Oct 1909
Filing date2 May 1908
Priority date2 May 1908
Publication numberUS 937795 A, US 937795A, US-A-937795, US937795 A, US937795A
InventorsLeslie S Hackney
Original AssigneeLeslie S Hackney
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US 937795 A
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937,795. Patented oei-.26,1909



Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Oct. 26, 1909.

- Application filed May 2, 1908. Serial No. 430,525.

To all whom 'it 'may concem':

Be it known that I, LESLIE S. HAOKNEY, of St. Paul, Ramsey county, Minnesota.l

have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Exercisin -Machines, of which the following is a `speci cation.

The object of my invention is to provide a portable exercising ap aratus operated by power and by means o which invallds or persons in various stages of convalescence can obtain the desired amount of physical exercise each day regardlessof weather conditions.

A further object is to provide an apparatus by means of which exercise in various degrees of violence may be obtained according to the physical condition of the person.

The invention consists generally in various constructions and combinations, all as hereinafter described and particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification, Figure 1 is a side elevation of an exercising apparatus embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal vertical sectional view of the same. Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional view.

In the drawing, 2 represents a suitable casing supported upon wheels 3 for convenience in moving it from place t6 place.

The top of the casing has an opening 4 extending lengthwise thereof. Within the cas- 1n tregad blocks 6 mounted thereon. These blocks are provided with studs 7 upon which antifriction wheels 8 are mounted, said wheels being adapted to bear upon guide rails 9 on each side of said casing and upon' curved plates 10 provided at the ends of the rails 9 and forming continuations of the surfaces of the rails. The rails 9 are arranged in pairs near the top and bottom of the casing. An elect-ric motor 11 is arranged within said casing and has a drive 12 leading to a pulley 13 on a shaft 14. A smaller pulley 15 is mounted on said shaft and has a belt connection 16 with a pulley 17 on a shaft 18. The shaft 18 carries a sprocket Wheel 19 meshing with a chain 20`that is provided with a series of studs 21. The chain 20 passes around a sprocket wheel 22 on a shaft 23 and the studs thereon are ada ted to enter the spaces between the inner aces of the blocks 6 and move them and the endless belt Whereon they are mounted beneath the opening 4c in the casing. When the belt 20 is an endless belt 5 having a series of reaches a point near one end of the opening 4 these teeth. or studs will pass out of engagement with the tread blocks temporarily and will not rengage them until the studs have reached the opposite end of the belt. Some of the studs will always be in engagement with the tread blocks and the movement of said blocks will therefore be continuous. Standards -24 are mounted on the casing 2 and have handles 25 to be grasped by the person standing on the tread blocks, and one of the standards has a controlling lever 26 by the adjustment of which the current of electricity for operating the motor 11 is controlled and the speed of the moving tread blocks regulated.

To use the apparatus the person desiring exercise, either walking or running, Will stand on the tread blocks and if desired use the handles 25 as a means of support. The feet will be lifted and steps forward taken as in the act of Walking, the length of the step and the speed of movement depending upon the speed of the tread blocks.

Perfect control is obtained of the operating mechanism and the device can be readily adapted for a Weak or frail person or for one in perfect physical health.

The apparatus can be moved from place to place around the room so that the exercise may be taken in front of an open door or window or on a porch or veranda if desired. f

With this apparatus exercise of any desired degree may be had, either gentle or violent, according to the condition of the patient and regardless of the condition of the roads and the Weather. A matting such as rubber may be used on the belt to form a surface on the tread blocks on which there will be no danger of slipping.

An instrument such as an odometer for measuring the distance traveled, may be used in connection with this device to enable the person Walking or running on the belt to accurately determine the distance traveled.

I claim as my invention:

1. An exercising apparatus, comprising a portable frame or casing having means support-ing it and permitting it to be moved v 2. An exercising apparatus comprising.V a

, frame, a belt having tread blocks, said blotfks being adapted to forma tread surface for a person Walking or running thereover, means connecting said belt with a source of power,

'and means Within control of the person On the belt for regulating its speed of movement.

3. An exercising apparatus comprising a frame, an endless belt therein, a series of tread blocks mounted on said belt, means supporting the upper run ofsaid belt to form a level tread surface, ay belt having a series of teeth adapted to engage said tread blocks and operate saiu endless belt, andmeans for driving saidtoothed belt.

4. An exercising device, comprising a casing, having supporting Wheels and an Opening in its top, of a belt arranged to move beneath said opening and having a suitable' tread surface Whereon a person may Walk Or run' means for connecting said belt with a source of power, standards mounted on said casing and provided with suitable handles and one of said handles having means connected with the source of power for regulating the same and controlling the speed of s`aid belt.

5. An exerclsing device, comprising a casing, a belt operating therein and having a. tread surface, a toothed belt arranged to 1 engage said first named belt and Operate the same and means for driving said toothed belt.

6. An exercising device, comprising a portable frame and an endless belt `mounted therein, a series of tread blocks mounted on said belt, said blocks having tread surfaces, and a motor mounted cn said frame having a driving connection with said belt for oper ating the same- 7. An exercising apparatus, comprising a portable frame or casing, an endless-tread In Witness whereof, I have hereunto set Va my hand this 28th day of April 1 908..


Witnesses: f


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