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Publication numberUS915678 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date16 Mar 1909
Filing date27 Mar 1908
Priority date27 Mar 1908
Publication numberUS 915678 A, US 915678A, US-A-915678, US915678 A, US915678A
InventorsLeon Kantor, William Sheff
Original AssigneeLeon Kantor, William Sheff
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Scarf-pin, brooch, and similar article.
US 915678 A
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Patented Mar. 16, 1909.

avwanl ozw I/Vi I one:

M b m a i To all'whom it may concern.

" Laos gimp. ans. wILLiAMsHEFF, or NEW YORK, N. Y.

scismnt sm, Ann sm LAR ARTICLE.

Be it known that we, LEONKA NTToR and WILLIAMSHEFF, citizens of the United States,

residing at New York,in the county of New York and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in tral section.

Scarf-Pins, Brooches, and Similar Articles, of which the following is a specification. Our invention relates to scarf pins, brooches and similar articies ofpersonal wear and its object-is to rovideadevice of this kind having reversib e faces and having one or more adjustable settings capable of .being reversed so as to present different co bina 'tions of the stones or other ornamental features carried by the settings.

The invention is embodied in preferable form in the device hereinafter described and illustrated in the accompanying drawings,

in which Figure l is a plan view of a-scarf-pin containing our improvements; Fig. 2, an edge View showing the intermediate member turned half-way around; Fig. 3, a vertical central section, parallel with the faces of the pm and Fig. 4, a horizontal ce n' head of the Referring to the drawings,-- 1 is the pin proper. .The 'head has an outer or border portion 2 of any desired configuration and preferably provided on both faces with suitable ornamentation. This outer portion is preferably formed of two parallel rings or bands 3, 4, joined at suitable points by bridging pieces 5 either integral with the metal of the bands or formed of solder or other suitable connecting means. Each of these bands constitutes a setting for stones or. other ornamentationfor the opposite faces of the outer border portion of the head. W1thm this outer inclosing portion is mounted a rotatably adjustable member 7, formed similarly to the outer portion of two parallel bands 8, 9, each constituting a setting or base for stones or other suitable means of ornamentation on opposite faces of the member. The member has fixed thereto a diametrical pin 10 constituting an axis and the ends thereof forming trunnions which enter bearings in the outside fixed border member 2, so that-the member 7 may be turned on these trunnion's as an axis 'to rotate the member a complete revolution and thus present either face thereof in front. A second ,rotatably reversible member 11 similarly formed of i 1 sw etener Letters Patent. i Application siea'nmhsa, 190;. Serial no. 428,595.

Patented March 16, 1909.

' bands or pieces 12, forming a double setting, is mounted within the member 7 by means of trunnions 13. These trunnions may enter bearings in member 7 but preferably are mounted looselyv directly on the pin 10 formmg the axis of member 7 as shown, the pro jecting ends of which pin form the trunmons for the said member.

The opposite faces of the fixed member and of the two reversible members, may be respectively provided with different ornamentations or different kinds of stones. By this arrangement it is rendered possible, by turning the inside member 11 around and similarly reversing the member; 7, to obtain eight different combinations of ornamental features on the two faces of the .pin, thus enabling the-ap earance of the pin to be changed to suit the taste of the-wearer.

The shank o the pin 1 may be conveniently attached,- to the head by inserting it between the two bands 3, 4, of the outside fixed member 2, and soldering it in such position. It is also clear that various changes in the construction of the various parts of the device and of the shape and mode of ornamenting the pin head may be adoptedwitlb out departing from the principle of our invention.

' Having thus described our invention, what we claim is:

1 An ornamental wearing article such as a scarf-pin, brooch or similar article having multiple shiftable faces bearing ornamental features and arranged to form complete interchangeable designs on either side of the article and in the same plane and a member fixed to the article for securing the same to the apparel, substantially as described.

' 2. An ornamental wearing article such as a scarf-pin, brooch or similar article having multiple shiftable faces formed by a rotatable member reversible in a com lete circle and havin ornamental features t ereon and an outer ed member having ornamental features and associating withthe reversible member to form different completedesigns on either face of the article in the same plane and said fixed member having a -pinfixed thereto for engagement with the apparel, substantially as described.

3. An ornamental wearing article having a fixed outer member having opposite orna-, mented faces and a pin fixed to said member and a rotatable member mounted within the fixed member so asto swing'in a complete circle and present either face in the same plane on either side of the fixed member,

said rotatable member also having opposite ornamented faces, whereby an artic e having interchangeable faces forming different being reversible to resent either face in the 15 same plane with eit er face o'fthe fixed member, substantially as described.

5. Anornamental wearing article having a plurality of members, one within the other and eachhaving opposite ornamented faces and each member independently rotatable in acom lete circle to. resent either face on either si e, substantia y as described.

6; An ornamental wearing article having a-pin, an outer member fixed to said in, a member within the first member mova le to present different display faces on either side of the pin and a second similarly movable member within the first movable member, said'diiferent dis lay vfaces of said'two last mentioned movalgle members lyin in planes parallel to either face of the flxe member, substantially as described.

ln testimony whereof we have affixed our signatures, in presence of two witnesses.



Witnesses JAGOB Konr, LOUIS BLQG.

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