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Publication numberUS822628 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date5 Jun 1906
Filing date1 Aug 1905
Priority date1 Aug 1905
Publication numberUS 822628 A, US 822628A, US-A-822628, US822628 A, US822628A
InventorsGustave Philippart
Original AssigneeGustave Philippart
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Double top for games.
US 822628 A
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of the same.

ames the game inowri My present invention and more particularly to under the name or Diable, the object being .to provide an improved double top for the same.

In order to facilitate the understanding of my invention, it may be stated that this game consists in causing a double top to turn and hum on a cord the ends of which are held in the two hands of the gamester and then throwing the rapidl -turning double top to another gamester W 0 tries to catch it upon his cord.

The double tops heretofore used for this game are rapidly deteriorated and rather angerous for the spectators and players, and for this reason, perhaps, the game has not been approved of by the public.

My present invention avoids these objections; and it consists of the construction and combination of parts fully described and claimed hereinafter.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 shows a partial elevatlon and vertical section of a double top constructed in accordance with my invention. Fig. 2 shows a.

similar view of a modified form of double top, and Fig. 3 shows a similar view of a further modification.

My improved double top for the game described is com' osed of two cone-shaped or ball-shaped ho low ends or bodies 1 2, the apexes of which are connected by means of a cylindrical (preferably hollow) portion of smaller diameter, and the outer or extreme edge of each hollow end or body 1 2 is formed of yielding material, such as rubber, or is provided with an applied yielding material.

Referring to Fig. 1, this shows a form of the invention which is rovided at its outer extreme edge with radia ly-projecting flanges 4 5 and adapted to receive a ring of indiarubber. The bases of the bodies 1 2 are closed by means of convex heads or covers In the modification shown in Fig. 2, each Specificatibnof Letters Patent. Application filed August 1 1906. Serial No 272.150-

lesser diameter, and each end body Patented June 5,1906.

8, arranged at a point between its apex and its base and serving to receive the correspondin ly-shaped rim made 0% solid india-rubber and arranged over the base and a portion of the conical surface of the body.

In the modified embodiment shown in Fig. 3 the bases of the conical bodies 1 2 are open, and fitted into said conical bodies is a correspondingly-shaped pneumatic double top 10, having laterally-pro'ecting cap or ball-shaped portions 11, whic complete the device. Tlns double top may be provided with one or more air-valves 12, serving to inflate the inner pneumatic body.

It will be easily understood that my improved double tops herein described are effectively protected against deterioriation by the arrangement of the elastic rubber portions and without danger to the spectators and players by reason of'their lightness and said elastic projections.

Having full described my invention, what I claim, and esire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. In a bodies connected by a lesser diameter, each end body being ro. vided with a yielding outer or extreme e ge- 2. In a double top for games, hollow end bodies connected by a cylindrical portion of emg provided with a yielding outer end and with a yielding outer or extreme edge.

3. In a double top for games, hollow end bodies of yielding material connected by a cylindrical (portion of lesser diameter.

4. In a ouble top for ames, hollow end bodies of yielding materia secured to ether, and an a plied cylindrical portion of ess diametert an the end bodies and between the same.

5. In a double top for games, hollow end bodies of yielding material, both bodies being integral with a connectingiece located between and of lesser diameter t an the same, and a cylindrical portion of non-yielding ma terialsurrounding the connecting-piece aforedouble top for games, hollow end cylindrical portion of aid.

6. In a double top for ames, hollow inflatable end bodies of yie din material connected by a tubular piece ocated between and opening into both end bodies and of less diameter than said bodies.

body 1 2 is provided with an annular groove of a hollow cap 9,

Ill-O 7. In a double top for games, hollow end In testimony whereof I have signed my bodies of yielding matenal, a, eonneotmgname to this specification in the presence of ieoe located between said-bodies, and a cytwo subscribin witnesses. indrioal portion of non-yielding material sur- USTAVE PHILIPPART. 5 rounding said connectingieoe and provlded h Witnesses:

with outward1y-flaring en s wherem the end CHARLES HOWARD, bodies are fitted. MAURICE 'GERLOAULT.

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Cooperative ClassificationA63B67/16