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Publication numberUS793095 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date27 Jun 1905
Filing date26 Jan 1905
Priority date26 Jan 1905
Publication numberUS 793095 A, US 793095A, US-A-793095, US793095 A, US793095A
InventorsGeorge F Rapp
Original AssigneeGeorge F Rapp
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US 793095 A
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Patented June 27', 1905.




SPECIFICATION forming' part of Letters Patent No. 793,095, dated June 27, 1905.

Application filed January 26, 1905. Serial No. 242,812.

Be it known that l, Geenen F. Rari', a citi- Zen ot' the United States, and a resident ot' St. Louis, 'Iissouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Shoes, ot' which the following is a specilication containing' a full, clear, and exact description, reference being' had to the accompanying' drawings, Jforming a part hereof.

My invention relates to improvements in shoes; and it consists ot' the novel features herein shown, described, and claimed.

ln the drawing's, Figure 1 is a perspective et' a shoe embodying the principles ot' my invention. Fig'. Q is a sectional detail through the instep ot' the shoe, parts being' broken away to economize space. Fig'. 3 is an inside plan of the complete upper. Fig'. 5L is a plan ot' one ot the stays. Fig. 5 is a sectional detail showing' the manner of connecting the tongue to the stay and vamp and taken on the line 5 5 ot' Fig'. 3.

My object is to construct a shoe ot' the Blucher type in which the tongue is connected to the stays at a point above the instep, so as to exclude the dirt, and to provide a tongue otl suilicient elasticity to be easily put otfl and to be easy upon the wearers foot.

Referring' to the drawings in detail, the rear upper part ot' the shoe comprises the sections t3 and T, connected by a vertical seam S and suitably lined. The stays 9 and 10 are applied tothe front edges and inner 'faces ol the sections and T, and then the eyelets and lace- `fasteners are applied. A slit 11 is eut Vt'rom the lower edge 1Q ot' each stay near to and parallel with the rear edge 13.

The tongue comprises a section ot' leather 14, forming' the upper end ot' the tongue, the tongue stay-strips 15 and 16, extending' downwardly troni the side edges ot' the section 1st, the line 1T, extending troni the lower end ot' the strip 15 to the lower end ot' the strip 1G, being' curved upwardly and thendownwardly in the forni o't' au inverted U, the section 1S, ot' elastic cloth, connected to the section 11 upon the line 1T and Vforming the lower end ot' the tongue or that portion which tits across the instep, the side edges 19 and 2O of the section 18, extending downwardly from the ends ot' the strips 15 and 16, and the line Q1, connecting the lower ends of the side pieces 19 and Q0, being' curved substantially parallel with the line 1T. The vamp Q2 is tirst attached to the tongue, said vamp being' cut to tit the edges 19 and 20 and the line 21, the outer section ot' the vamp being' placed out- `side the elastic cloth and the lining' being placed inside the elastic cloth and the parts being stitched securely together, so that the entire border-line of the elastic cloth is stitched to the leather and so that the lower ends of the strips 15 and 16 are stitched tothe vamp. Then the upper sections 6 and 7 are placed in position so that the vamp extends through the slits 11 and the portions 23 come inside ot' the vamp and t'orin braces, as shown in Figs. 3 and 5, the lower ends ot' said braces being secured by the seams 24, which connect the upper sections (3 and i to the band. The rear edges 13 of the stays 9 and 10 extend substantially straight down `from the upper Forward corners ot' the sections 6 and 7, terminating at points well back ot' the instep, thus producing a slioe which will iitclosely to the t'oot ot' the wearer and by means ot' the elastic cloth allow the shoe to be easily put on and otl'. The manner of connecting the parts together so as to insert the elastic cloth is ot' great iniportance. It produces a shoe devoid ot' hard seams. lt is simple in construction and economical in the use ot' material. It eti'ectually excludes the dirtand gives all the advantages ot' a gaiter, combined with all the ad vantag'es of a lace-shoe.

.I claim* ln a shoe: rear upper sections; stays secured to the inner faces of the rear upper sections; there being' slits formed in said stays from their lower ends near their rear edges, thus forming braces; a vamp; elastic cloth secured to the vamp and forming' the lower part ot' the tongue; said braces being' inside ot' the vamp, and said vamp being' secured to the upper sections, said braces being` secured by the seams connecting the vamp to the upper sections; a leather section secured to the elas- In testimony whereof Ihave signed my naine tic cloth and forming the upper part of the to this specification in presence of two subtongue; and stay-strips extending from the soribing witnesses.

leather sections downwardly upon each side GEORGE F. RAPP. 5 of the elastic cloth; the lower ends of said Witnesses:

stays being secured to the vamp; substantially ALFRED A. EICKS,

as specified. EDW. M. HARRINGTON.

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International ClassificationA43B23/26
Cooperative ClassificationA43B23/26
European ClassificationA43B23/26