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Publication numberUS3770259 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date6 Nov 1973
Filing date20 Oct 1972
Priority date20 Oct 1972
Publication numberUS 3770259 A, US 3770259A, US-A-3770259, US3770259 A, US3770259A
InventorsWagreich M
Original AssigneeWagreich M
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Vacuumatic clamp
US 3770259 A
A clamp is used for holding articles which are to be attached to wall surfaces by glue, cement or any other type of fastener. The clamp includes a head adapted to engage the article and carried by a threaded shaft. The shaft is carried in the middle of a U-shaped frame the two ends of which are provided with vacuumatic clamps adapted to engage the wall on opposite sides of the article to be attached.
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United States Patent 11 1 Wagreich Nov. 6, 1973 [5 VACUUMATIC CLAMP 2,314,713 3 1943 Kirch 269 21 x 4 [76] Inventor: Murray M. Wagreich, 866 E. 46th l6 Ashworth- 269/286 X St., Brooklyn, NY. 1 1203 FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS 954,009 4/1964 Great Britain 269/21 [22] 1972 888,584 1 1962 Great Britain 269 21 [21] Appl. No.: 299,212

- Primary Examiner-Donald Kelly 52 us. c1 269/21, 248/206 R, 248/362, Assistant Examiner-Joseph T- Zatarga 248/467, 269/286 Attorney-V. Alexander Scher et al. 51 Int. Cl B25b 11/00 [58] Field of Search 269/21, 286; 51/235; [57] ABSTRACT 279/3; 248/467 206 R A clamp is used for holding articles which are to be attached to wall surfaces by glue, cement many other [56] References type of fastener. The clamp includes a head adapted to UNlTED STATES PATENTS engage the article and carried by a threaded shaft. The 3,207,503 9/l965 Clover ct al. .269/21 shaftis carried in the middle of a U-shaped frame the 2,169,183 8/1939 Fish....' 248/206 R X two ends of which are provided 'with vacuumatic 2,897,669 Villiers et al. X clamps adapted to engage the wall on opposite Sides of 1,313,307 8/1919 Locraft 248/362 X the article to be attached 1 1,371,484 3/1921 Howard 269/21 X 2,31 1,525 2/1943 Ebbs 269/21 2 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures lll l llllluh PATENTEUNBV 61975 3770.259

//V VENTOIQ- MUQ/QA V M. WA GEE/CH WU Q 84 2f VACUUMATIC CLAMP This invention relates to a clamp adapted to hold articles which are to be attached to a wall or any surface where any ordinary clamp used today cannot be.

On many occasions it is necessary to attach articles 7 including pictures, mirrors, frames and the like, to surfaces, such as tile walls, etc., wherein no nails can be used. In that case it is necessary to attach the article by glue or cement. However, glue and cement require a substantial amount of time to solidify and during that time period the article must be pressed against the wall without being attached theretoJn the past complicated and inconvenient arrangements had to be used in order to keep an article pressed against a wall until the glue or cement holding it had been solidified.

An object of the present invention is the provision of a clamp of simple and easily workable structure which can be effectively used for pressing articles against surfaces for any desired time periods. 7

Other objects of the present invention will become apparent in the course of the following specification.

In the accomplishment of the objectives of the present invention it wasfound desirable to provide a clamp having a head adapted to press an article against a surface. The head is carried by a threaded shaft. The shaft is mounted in the middle of a U-shaped frame the two ends of which are provided with vacuumatic clamps of known design provided with swivels and adapted to engage the surface on opposite sides of the article being pressed by the head.

Obviously this construction can be simplified. by

using a frame of L-shaped design having a single vacu- I umatic clamp. I

The invention will appear more clearly from the following detailed description when taken in connection with the accompanying drawing showing by way of example only, a preferred embodiment of the inventive idea.

In the drawing:

FIG. 1 is a side view of the clamp of the present invention.

FIG. 2 is a bottom view of the clamp.

FIG. 3 is a top view of the clamp. I A

The clamp shown in the drawing includes a U-shaped frame having a middle portion 10 and two leg portions 11 and 12. A threaded shaft 13 extends through the middle of the frame portion 10. The opening of the' frame portion 10 through which the shaft 13 extends has screw threads meshing with the screw threads of the shaft. The top of the shaft extending above the frame carries a transverse handle 14. The bottom of the shaft carries a holding head' 15, preferably a nylon swivel head.

The ends of the leg portions 11 and 12 have swivels 16 and 17 carrying vacuumatic clamps or grips 18 and 19. These vacuumatic clamps are provided with handles 20 and 21, used for mounting them. The vacuumatic clamps 18 and 19 are of the well known type now in general use and for that reason are not illustrated in detail.

The operation of the device is apparent from the above description. The user will apply glue or cement to the article or to the surface to be covered by the article, or both, and will hold the article against that surface by pressing the holding head 15 against it. At the same time vacuumatic clamps 18 and 1,9 are placed on opposite sides of the article and are applied by operating their handles 20 and2l. The clamps will hold the frame firmly in place sothat it will remain fixed. After the glue or cement has solidified, the user will raise the holding head 15 from the article by operating the handle 14 of the shaft 13 and will then release the clamps l8 and 19 by operating their handles 20 and 21.

As already stated, the described construction can be varied, for example, by making the U-shaped frame of variable adjustable length or by changing it into anhshaped frame with a single clamp.

I claim:

1. A clamp, comprising a U-shaped frame with a middle portion and two leg portions, said middle portion having a threadedtransverse opening, a threaded shaft extending through said opening, said shaft extending substantially parallel to said leg portions and having an end portion extending above said middle portion, a transverse handle carried by said end portion, a holding head having the shape of a-disc and carried by the opposite end of said shaft, a separate swivel carried by the end of each leg portion, a separate vacuum clamp carried by each swivel and a separate mounting handle carried by each clamp. l

2. A clamp inaccordance with claim 1, wherein said holding head is a nylon swivel head.

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Cooperative ClassificationB25B11/007
European ClassificationB25B11/00C1