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Publication numberUS3632029 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date4 Jan 1972
Filing date29 Dec 1969
Priority date29 Dec 1969
Publication numberUS 3632029 A, US 3632029A, US-A-3632029, US3632029 A, US3632029A
InventorsMay B Sonner
Original AssigneeMay B Sonner
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Litter bag
US 3632029 A
This invention is a litter container structure including a bag assembly for receiving and holding litter, and having a pocket means to receive a support member. More particularly, this invention is a litter container having a closeable bag assembly mountable within a vehicle and easily removable therefrom.
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D United States Patent I n 3,632,029

I 72] Inventor May 8. Sonner [56] References Cited 412-20 East Sixth St., Wlnfleld, KIM. n' STATES PATENTS 67156 pp No 888,426 2,617,573 11/1952 Nahoom 150/3 X 1,727,485 9/1929 Sa1ley.......,... 224/29 R [22] PM kc-29,1969 3 023 793 3/1962 c 150 3 x 45 Patented Jan. 4, 1972 3,036,616 5/1962 Allen 150/3 UX 2,703,426 3/1955 Bark! 150/3 UX 2,486,096 /1949 Axford et a1 224/29 A Primary Examiner-Leonard Summer I 54] LITTER BAG Anomey-John H. Widdowson 3 Claims, 4 Drawing Figs.

[52] US. Cl 224/29 D, ABSTRACT: This invention is a litter container structure in- 150/3, 206/195 R, 206/D1G. 8, 248/95 cluding a bag assembly for receiving and holding litter, and

[5 l] 1nt.Cl 860: 3/08, having a pocket means to receive a support member. More 865d 33/16, Ac 13/10 particularly, this invention is a litter container having a closea- Field of 206/195 R, ble bag assembly mountable within a vehicle and easily DIG. 8; 150/3; 224/26 K, 29 A, 29 D, 29 R removable therefrom.

LITTER BAG Numerous types of container structures are known to the prior art to serve as litter bags or the like. These prior art devices are often very flexible in nature of construction and materials and when in use are hung from some structure, thus tend to collapse and droop as well as swing and twist, which presents a difiiculty to overcome when placing something in the container. Also, the prior art devices, if they are not restrained in their motion, may spill their contents if tipped sufficiently or as they are swinging about they can rattle against surrounding structure providing an annoying noise to nearby persons. In addition some of the prior art devices with the above-described use are fimily attached in their installation. These devices are generally difficult to remove for cleaning purposes and are generally made of inflexible material and a fixed volume. If these devices are closed and generally conform to the nature of the surroundings. they may go unnoticed and unused.

The container structure of this invention provides a structure which is generally attractive in appearance and easily securely attachable to a mounting structure, yet is easily removable for cleaning purposes. The container can be constructed of a durable material suitable for easy cleaning and flexibility. In addition to its easy removability, the container closes and opens easily, thus providing the user an easy means to insert and retain material within the container. The container provided can be easily adapted to installation in an automobile or other vehicle, and easily mounted in places out of the way of the occupants yet easily accessible. Also, the container can be constructed of material the colors of which or the pattern of which is complimentary to the surroundings.

One object of the container structure of this invention is to overcome the aforementioned disadvantages of the prior art devices.

Another object of the container structure is to provide a structure to easily receive and retain material therein.

Another object of the container structure of this invention is to provide a structure which is easily openable and closeable and has an attractive appearance.

Another object of the container structure of this invention is to provide a container structure which is easily attachable to some type of support structure and which is easily removable therefrom.

Another object of the container structure of this invention is to provide a structure which is easy to manufacture, economical and generally long lasting.

An additional object of the container structure of this invention is to provide a container structure which is easily adaptable as a litter bag for an automobile or other vehicle.

Various other objects, advantages and features of this invention will become apparent from the following discussion taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIG. 1 is a frontal perspective view of a bench-type front automobile seat having the container structure of this invention attached to the front lower left-hand portion thereof and the support member attached to the front lower right-hand portion of the seat.

FIG. 2 is a top perspective view of the invention attached and in the open portion.

H0. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the invention taken on line 33 of FIG. 2.

FIG. 4 is an exploded perspective view of a removed portion of a seat with the support member of this invention attached.

The following is a discussion and description of the preferred specific embodiments of the new litter bag structure of this invention such being made with reference to the drawings, whereupon the same reference numerals are used to indicate the same or similar parts and/or structure. It is to be understood that such description is not to unduly limit the scope of the invention.

Referring to the drawings in detail and in particular to FIG. 1, a litter bag structure of this invention, indicated generally at 10, is shown attached to the lower front portion of a bench type automobile seat [2 on the operator's side. The litter bag structure includes a bag assembly 14, and a support member l6.

The bag assembly 14 includes a bag I! with more flexible sidewalls 20, and less flexible sidewalls 22 which join at the normally lower portion of the main bag 18 to form the bottom 24 thereof and extend upward therefrom. The less flexible sidewalls 22 are generally rectangular in shape and are substantially formed from one piece of material, comprising substantially the major portion of the sidewalls 22 and forming the bottom 24. One of the less flexible sidewalls 25 is fitted with a pocket 26 to accept and retain the support members 16. The pocket 26 extends substantially laterally across the sidewall 25, and partially covers the sidewall 25 in the normally vertically disposed direction, and is attached to the top 28 and sides 30 of the sidewall 25. The pocket 26 has an outer wall 32 formed by a covering of the material over a rectangular stiffener 34, and joining the tip 28 and sides 30 of the sidewall 25.

The other sidewall 36 of the less flexible sidewalls 22 has a stiffener 38 attached to its upper portion by a covering of the material. The stiffener 38 extends substantially laterally across the sidewall 36 and extends along a portion of its uppermost portion. The material covering the stiffener 38 joins the top 40 and upper side portions 42 of tee sidewall 36 and isjoined with the sidewall 36 in a seam 44 generally below the stiffener 38.

The upper inside portion of both of the less flexible sidewalls 22 has a sealing member 46, a fastener attached thereto, preferably strips of Velcro. The fastener is preferably rectangular in shape and easily openable and closeable by finger pressure.

The more flexible sidewalls 20 attach the less flexible sidewalls 22 and have generally a V shape. The more flexible sidewalls 20 extend substantially from the bottom 24 to the top portion of the less flexible sidewalls 22 and are comprised of two portions 48 nand 50 joined by a seam 52 in the generally vertical center portion of the sidewalls 20.

The support member 16 attaches to a supporting structure, like the seat 12 or similar structure and holds the litter bag structure 10 by virtue of its being inverted in the pocket 26. The support member 16 has a stringer member 53 of a and one open-sided rectangular loop shape, made preferably from metal wire like material and has looped sections or eyes 54 on the lower portion of the sides to accept screws 56 or the like to attach same to a supporting structure like the seat 12. The at taching looped sections 54 of the support member 16 have a U-shaped end portion of the stringer member 53 connected with washer members 58 to add structural support. The stringer member 53 extends upward from the looped sections 54 and outward from the supporting structure sufficient to ac commodate the outer wall of the pocket 32 against the sup porting structure.

The support member 16 is placed partially within the pocket 26 when the litter bag 10 is held in position for use. The more flexible sidewalls 20 normally fall inward for appearance purposes but can extend outward to accommodate a greater bulk of material within the litter bag 10. It is seen the litter bag assembly 14 is preferably substantially constructed of a nonpervious flexible and durable material, preferably a relatively smooth sheet plastic-type substance so it may easily be cleaned. Also, the bag assembly 14 must attach the support member 16 with suificient resistance to be returned relatively fixed while being opened, filled and closed. Yet the bag assembly 14 must be easily removable from the support member 16 for emptying.

[n the manufacture of the litter bag structure 10 of this invention, it is obvious that the bag 18, preferably of polyvinyl plastic materials, can be easily formed over the stiffeners 34 and 28, preferably of a relatively stiff fibrous paper like material, and can have seams formed by heat forming the material. Also, the bag 18 can be easily produced in a number of colors or combinations thereof and can easily be fitted with an insignia, advertisement or the like. The support member 16 can be easily formed, preferably from metallic wire and washers by conventional metal forming and welding methods.

In use and operation of the litter bag structure of this invention, it is seen that same provides a structure which is easily attachable to an automobile or similar vehicle and usable for containing litter that one might otherwise toss out the window or any other material that one might desire not to be strown about the vehicle. Also, it is seen the litter bag structure 10 is easily openable and closeable by finger pressure on the upper portion to separate the resealable contact.

As will become apparent from the foregoing description of the applicants litter bag structure, a relatively inexpensive means has been provided to readily receive and retain material therein. The litter bag structure is economical to manufacture, easy to install, simple to use, and can be used to conveniently retain litter or other material like several cans of beverage.

While the invention has been described in conjunction with preferred specific embodiments thereof, it will be understood that this description is intended to illustrate and not limit the scope of the invention, which is defined by the following claims.

I claim:

1. A litter container structure, comprising:

a. a bag assembly defining a closeable housing having a cavity therein to receive and hold litter,

b. a support member for holding said container structure having means to mount same on the inside of a vehicle, c. a pocket means on said bag assembly to receive said support member to mount said bag assembly for use,

d. said bag assembly has generally vertically disposed sidewalls joining and closing said cavity at the normally bottom portion,

e. two of said sidewalls being generally more flexible than the other less flexible sidewalls,

I. one of said less flexible sidewalls having said pocket means and said pocket means substantially covering same, said pocket means having a stiffener therein to cooperate with said support member to support said bag assembly, and

3. said less flexible sidewalls have a securing means to retain same together upon closure of said cavity by flexure of said more flexible sidewalls, and means securing means being easily operable.

2. A litter container structure as described in claim 1,


a. said support member is a generally rectangular stringer member open on one long side and b. said support member has the open ends of said stringer member provided with looped sections which are secured to said vehicle by insertion of bolts or like devices through holes in said looped sections and attachment of said bolts or like devices to said vehicle.

3. A litter container structure as described in claim 1 wherein:

a. said stringer member extends the width and length of said pocket means,

b. said pocket means has an outer wall forming a covering over said stifi'ener and cooperating with an adjacent one of said less flexible sidewalls to receive said support member, and

eV the other one of said less flexible sidewalls has a stiffener member attached to an upper portion and said securing means attached thereto.

8 i i i UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION May B. Sonner Patent No. ilanuar 4. 1972 Inventor(s) It is certified that error appears in the above-identified patent and that said Letters Patent are hereby corrected as shown below:

Column 1, line 61, "portion" should read position Column 2, line 18, "tip" ahouldread top line 25, "tee" should read the line 37, "nand" should read and line #1, "inverted" should read inserted line 42, "and" should read generally line 71, "28" should read 38 Column 3, line 15, before "and" insert easily removable for cleaning and emptying, attractive in appearance Column 4, line 11, delete means", first occurrence and insert said r Signed and sealed this 311st day of October 1972.

( SEAL) Attest:

EDWARD M.FLETCHER,JR. Attesting Officer RQBERT GOTTSCHALK Commissioner of Patents DRM PO-1050 (10-69]

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U.S. Classification224/275, 224/543, 224/926, 224/928, 248/95, 383/95, 224/547, 383/22
International ClassificationB60N3/08
Cooperative ClassificationB65F1/0006, B60N3/08, Y10S224/926, Y10S224/928
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