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Publication numberUS3488488 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date6 Jan 1970
Filing date18 May 1967
Priority date18 May 1967
Publication numberUS 3488488 A, US 3488488A, US-A-3488488, US3488488 A, US3488488A
InventorsCrouch Alferd H
Original AssigneeCrouch Alferd H
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One-arm shotgun and flashlight structure
US 3488488 A
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United States Patent ()fiflce US. Cl. 2406.41 6 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A modified shotgun construction enabling firing of the shotgun with one arm is provided in combination with a flashlight mounted on the gun for directing a beam of light in the direction in which the gun is aimed. The flashlight structure includes a cowling cooperating with a fore-end and pistol grip member serving the dual function of housing the shotgun mechanism and supportingthe flashlight in its desired position. A suitable actuating rod extends rearwardly from the trigger provided on the pistol grip portion of the referred to member for engaging the firing mechanism of the shotgun which is normally dis posed at the breech area of the gun.

This application constitutes an improvement over my US. Patent No. 2,970,398, issued Feb. 7, 1961.

In my above referred to patent, there is disclosed a unique shotgun construction wherein the usual shoulder stock is removed and a yoke member secured close to the breech mechanism of the gun. A fore-end and pistol grip arrangement is provided approximately midway of the barrel of the gun and a suitable actuating rod employed to enable triggering of the firing mechanism at the rear of the gun by means of a trigger on the pistol grip portion.

The present invention has as its primary object the provision of a modified shotgun construction similar to that described and shown in my referred to patent but having specific improvements wherein a more versatile shotgun capable of being fired by one arm results.

More particularly, it is an object to provide an improved shotgun incorporating a flashlight wherein the beam of light itself is bore sighted to the barrel to aid in aiming the gun during night operation.

Another object is to provide an improved design wherein a flashlight mounted on the shotgun can readily be removed and normal sight elements quickly positioned to enable the shotgun to be aimed from a shoulder position in the absence of the flashlight.

Various further objects of this invention have to do with the provision of features relating to the flashlight structure itself, switch means for operating the flashlight, assembly components for the gun, and other features resulting in a vastly improved product.

A better understanding of the various features involved as well as the manner in which the various objects set forth are realized will be had by now referring to one embodiment of the shotgun as illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIGURE 1 is a side elevational view of the modified shotgun and flashlight combination of this invention;

FIGURE 2 is a cross-section of a portion of the flashlight structure taken in the direction of the arrow 2 of FIGURE 1;

FIGURE 3 is a further cross-section through the flashlight structure taken in the direction of the arrows 3-3 of FIGURE 1;

FIGURE 4 is a fragmentary top plan view of a cowling structure as it would appear when the flashlight itself is removed from the shotgun;

3,488,488 Patented Jan. 6, 1970 FIGURE 5 is a view of the structure of FIGURE 4 taken in the direction of the arrows 55, but illustrating certain components in operable position;

FIGURE 6 is an enlarged, partly exploded fragmentary view of a portion of the shotgun structure of FIGURE 1; and

FIGURE 7 is an enlarged fragmentary view partly in cross-section illustrating certain structure employed in firing the gun.

Referring first to FIGURE 1, there is designated generally by the numeral 10 a modified shotgun, sometimes referred to in the art as a riot gun. As shown, the gun structure includes a barrel 11 and a fore-end and pistol grip member 12 which may constitute an integral construction. Knurling K is provided on the rear surface and finger grip portions of the member 12 as shown.

Within the fore-end and pistol grip member 12, there is positioned a movable trigger 13 arranged to actuate a rod illustrated in dotted lines in FIGURE 1 at 14 extending rearwardly to a suitable firing mechanism 15 adjacent the breech of the gun.

The rear end of this breech structure terminates in a yoke member 16 including a sling attachment element 17. The structure described thus far is quite similar to that disclosed in my aforementioned US. patent.

At the central portion of the shotgun of FIGURE 1, there is provided a cowling structure 18 which passes over the barrel 11 and constitutes part of a flashlight means carried on the gun. The forward end of this cowling structure cooperates with the forward end or nose portion of the fore-end and pistol grip member 12 to receive a locking end piece 19. This locking end piece 19 includes a sling attachment element 20. Further, as will be described in more detail subsequently, the end piece 19 is of a ring shape being open at both ends so that an elongated magazine 21 may protrude through the front opening as illustrated.

The flashlight means includes a flashlight casing 22 mounted on the cowling structure 18. The flashlight casing includes a lens structure 23 and the entire flashlight is oriented to shine a beam of light through this lens in the direction in which the shotgun is to be aimed. An on-off switch for the flashlight is actuated by means of a ring member 24 immediately to the rear of the lens 23. The flashlight casing itself may also include a rear cut out portion 25 providing a carrying handle for the entire gun.

As also illustrated in FIGURE 1, there is provided a safety catch button 26 forward of the trigger mechanism 13 mounted in the fore-end and pistol grip member 12.

Referring now to FIGURE 2, there is illustrated an important feature of the present invention in conjunction with the flashlight. Normally, flashlight switches are moved longitudinally of the flashlight casing; that is, in the direction of the flashlight beam. Such a switch arrangement would be impractical for a flashlight mounted on the shotgun as described in FIGURE 1 since the reaction or kick of the gun could result in inadvertent operation of the switch, the kick direction being in direct alignment with the movable direction of the switch.

The foregoing problem is overcome in the present invention by providing a movable switch element designed to move from its open to closed position in a plane normal to the axis of the barrel 11 or to the direction of firing of the gun. Thus, as illustrated in FIGURE 2, the ring 24 carries an internal arcuate contact 27. This contact in turn is arranged to be rotated about an inner ring 28 provided with a second contact 29 diametrically displaced from the contact 27. As illustrated schematically, when the ring 24 is rotated in either direction as indicated by the double-headed arrow 30, the contacts connect across a battery 31 and lightbulb 32 representing the corresponding components in the flashlight casing 22.

It will be evident that the motion of the switch is in a plane normal to the direction of the flashlight beam. As a result, any kick or reaction upon firing of the gun will not affect operation of the switch. Turning off of the flashlight is effected by rotating the outer ring 24 in a reverse direction.

A further desirable feature of the gun as described in FIGURE 1 is to provide a means for easily removing the flashlight casing 22 without having to remove the cowling structure 18 or disassemble other portions of the gun. Thus, there are many instances such as during the day when it may not be desired to use the flashlight 22 but rather t'o provide a'shotgun which'may'b'e aimed and fired without the benefit of the flashlight. In this regard, it would be desirable to provide Sights for the gun after the flashlight has been removed.

FIGURES 3, 4, and illustrate the flashlight and cowling structure wherein the foregoing end can be achieved. Thus, referring to FIGURE 3, it will be noted that the upper top surface of the casing 22 includes sights 33 that may be used in the event that the flashlight is not removed from the gun. Also, the casing 22 is provided on its under longitudinal surface with a dovetail shaped groove 34 arranged to cooperate with divergently upwardly extending longitudinal ribs 35 and 36 on the cowling 18. These upstanding ribs define a tongue structure for cooperation with the groove.

In the fragmentary plan view of FIGURE 4, it will be noted that the ribs 35 and 36 diverge from each other in a direction from the rear toward the front of the gun. This divergence is desirable since it will prevent removal of the flashlight casing 22 by sliding off the forward end of the gun. The only way the flashlight can be removed is to slide it rearwardly. Thus, there is again provided protection from the results of the reaction or kick of the gun when the same is fired. If it were possible to remove the flashlight off the front end of the gun, it might inadvertently become dislodged upon firing of the un. g As also illustrated in FIGURE 4, there are provided front and rear sights 37 and 38 between the ribs 35 and 36. These sights are pivoted as illustrated in FIGURE 5 such that they may be swung to an upright position after the flashlight casing 22 has been removed.

FIGURE 6 illustrates in detail the structure of the end piece 19. It will be noted from FIGURE 6 that the cowling 18 terminates in a downwardly facing semi-circular nose portion 18. Similarly, the forward end of the foreend and pistol grip member 12 terminates in an upwardly facing semi-circular nose end 12', opposed to the downwardly facing semi-circular nose. portion of the cowling. The nose portions thus define a complete circle when the cowling is assembled over the barrel of the gun. These portions are externally threaded as shown and the end piece 19 is internally threaded as at 39 so that it may be threaded over the nose portions of the cowling 18 and fore-end member 12 thus locking the same together. The sling element 20 in turn may be secured to a ring 40 rotatably held within the nose piece 19 as shown.

FIGURE 7 shows the unique location of the safety catch button 26. As illustrated in the broken away view of FIGURE 7, the internal structure of the gun includes a guiding cavity 41 within which the trigger block structure 13 can slide in forward and reverse directions. The actuating rod 14 in turn is connected to the trigger block 13 and the trigger block is viased in a forward direction as viewed in FIGURE 7 by spring stop 42 and captured compression spring 43. The forward end of the trigger block 13 terminates in a down-turned flange portion 44 arranged to engage the safety catch button 26 when the same is in its safe position thereby blocking rearward movement of the trigger 13. When the safety catch button 26 is released, it is moved normally to the direction of the drawing to a position out of the way of the dawnwardly extending flange 44 thereby leaving the trigger block 13 free for a rearward movement.

In the operation of the entire shotgun and flashlight structure, the modified design of the shotgun is such that it may accommodate seven cartridges rather than the usual five. This desirable result is a consequence of providing the end piece 19 open at both ends so that the magazine 21 can protrude out the front of the gun and thus accommodate further ammunition.

With the shotgun loaded and the flashlight in position, as illustrated in FIGURE 1, a policeman may fire the gun by first releasing the safety catch 26 and then pulling rearwardly on the trigger 13. With particular reference to" FIGURE 7, this action will move the actuating rod 14 to the rear thus triggering the trigger machanism 15 by rocking the element in the same manner as would be achieved by a conventional trigger located at the rear breech portion of the shotgun.

In firing the gun, the policeman can readily aim the gun with the aid of the flashlight beam, the policeman simply directing the beam from the lens 23 on the target. The direction of the beam is in alignment with the direction of firing of ammunition from the barrel 11.

In daytime, if the flashlight is not used, it may still be retained in place and the small sights 33 on the top of the flashlight casing 22 employed for aiming the gun. Alternatively, the flashlight casing 22 may readily be removed by simply sliding the entire casing rearwardly to disengage the dovetail groove from the diverging ribs 35 and 36 as described in conjunction with FIGURES 3 and 4. After the flashlight has been removed, the forward and rear sights 37 and 38 may be swung upwardly to the position illustrated in FIGURE 5 and thus employed for aiming the gun.

If it is desired to disassemble the gun, it is a simple matter to remove the yoke and rear shroud structure and then remove the end piece 19 by untreading of the same and thereafter simply sliding the cowling 18 and casing 22 as a unit over the end of the barrel. The foreend and pistol grip member 12 may then be removed from the lower side of the gun to expose the trigger 13 and actuating rod 14.

The provision of knurling on the rear surface and finger grip portions of the member 12 assures a secure grip when using the gun and firing the same with one arm. Insofar as the operation of the gun by firing from one arm is concerned, the various advantages set forth in my heretofore referred to patent are fully realized.

From the foregoing description, it will thus be evident that the present invention has provided a greatly improved shotgun and flashlight structure wherein all of the various objects are fully realized.

What is claimed is:

1. A shotgun comprising, in combination: a barrel terminating in a breech structure at its rear end, said breech structure including a firing mechanism; a yoke member coupled to the end of said breech structure; a fore-end and pistol grip member disposed below said barrel; a trigger movably mounted in said member; an actuating rod means coupled at one end for movement by said trigger and having its other end extending rearwardly for engaging said firing mechanism to fire said shotgun upon pulling of said trigger; a flashlight means positioned above said barrel and held to said fore-end and pistol grip member for providing a forward beam of light in the direction of shot fired from said barrel, saidflashlight means including a cowling structure extending over opposite sides of said barrel and including a downwardly facing semicircular nose portion, said fore-end and pistol grip member terminating at its forward end in an upwardly facing semicircular nose end positioned to define with said downwardly facing semicircular nose portion a closed circle; and a locking end piece receivable over the nose portion to lock Said CoW1- ing to said fore-end and pistol grip member.

2. A shotgun according to claim 1, in which said flashlight means includes a switch confined for movement between opened and closed positions in a plane normal to the axis of said barrel whereby the kick of said shotgun upon firing will not cause inadvertent operation of said switch.

3. A shotgun according to claim 1, in which said end piece is open at both ends to define a cylindrical structure through which a magazine for said shotgun may extend, said end piece including a forward sling attachment fixture coupled thereto; and said yoke including a rear sling attachment fixture for cooperation with said forward sling attachment fixture to support a sling for said shotgun.

4. A shotgun according to claim 1, in which said flashlight means further includes a flashlight casing having an elongated dovetail shaped groove on its underside, said cowling including upwardly and divergently extending ribs defining a tongue structure slidably receivable in said groove whereby said flashlight casing may be re moved from said cowling without necessitating removal of said cowling from said fore-end and pistol grip member.

5. A shotgun according to claim 4, in which the side walls of said groove and said ribs diverge in a direction References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,080,795 12/1913 Ward 240-6.41 2,059,977 11/1936 Williams 24010.66 2,597,565 5/1952 Chandler 240-6.41 2,830,173 4/1958 Lambert 24010.66 2,970,398 2/ 1961 Crouch 4269 NORTON ANSHER, Primary Examiner LEO H. MCCORMICK, JR., Assistant Examiner

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