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Publication numberUS3430271 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date4 Mar 1969
Filing date18 Apr 1967
Priority date24 Feb 1966
Also published asDE1285144B
Publication numberUS 3430271 A, US 3430271A, US-A-3430271, US3430271 A, US3430271A
InventorsMarie-Louise Junod-Deile
Original AssigneeMarie Louise Junod Deile
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Child's play pen
US 3430271 A
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MARIE-Loulsl-z JUNODDEILE 3,430,271

oHILDs PLAY PEN March 4, 1969 Sheet Filed April 18, 1967 Flea March 4,1969 MARIE-LOUISE JuNoD-DEILE v 3,430,271

CHILD S PLAY PEN Shee'fl Filed April 18, 1967 lFIG-5 United States Patent Glce 3,430,271 Patented Mar. 4, 1969 3,430,271 CHILDS PLAY PEN Marie-Louise .Iuuod-Deile, 1384 Suchy, Vaud, Switzerland Filed Apr. 18, 1967, Ser. No. 631,788 U.S. 'CL 5-93 5 Claims Int. Cl. A47d 13/06; E04h I7/16, 17/02; B21f 27/00 ABSTRACT F THE DISCLOSURE A childs play pen comprising a base by which the apparatus can rest on the ground, the base comprising a tube closed on itself in the form of a ring, the apparatus furthermore comprising an upper part removably connected to the base by securing means disposed on the upper periphery of the tube.

The childs play pen according to the invention comprises a lower inflatable tube, a bottom on said lower tube forming a base, an upper inllatable tube smaller than said lower tube and forming a rail; a pair of parallel upper and lower elements; a plurality of spaced flexible uprights connecting said upper and lower elements, said uprights being inclined toward an imaginary common point disposed on an axis transverse to these elements and passing midway between them; and fasteners for removably securing these elements to the upper and lower tubes.

The accompanying drawings show, by way of example, two embodiments of the present invention:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a play-pen.

FIGURES 2, 3 and 4 show the detail of certin elements of the play-pen.

FIGURE shows a tent using the same base as the play-pen of FIGURE l.

In the drawing (FIGURE l), is shown a play-pen for a baby, constituted by a base 1 by which it is set on the ground, by a hand rail 2 and by a series of bars 3 disposed between the base and the hand rail.

The base and the hand rail are formed each by an inilatable annular tube, appreciably triangular in shape, of elastic material or of impermeable cloth (FIGURES 3 and 4).

The opening of the tube 1 is closed by a bottom 4 constituted by a sheet also of elastic material fixed by any adequate means on the lower face of the tube.

Along the upper edge of this tube 1 is fixed a chain of studs 5, constituting one half of a sliding fastener of which the other half 6 is rigid with a flexible tube 7 to which the bars 3 mentioned above are fixed, these bars being furthermore fixed at the upper end to a second tube 8 of length less than that of the tube 7.

This tube 8 also carries a chain of studs 9 forming part of a second sliding fastener whose second chain is fixed to the lower face of the second tube 2 forming the hand rail of the play-pen.

This tube 2 is, like the tube 1, generally triangular in shape, but it is smaller; moreover, the bars 3 which are disposed between the two tubular elements 7 and 8 are not parallel in the likeness of a standard ladder, but are on the contrary inclined in the direction of an imaginary common point disposed on an axis transverse to the elements 7 and 8 passing at mid length of these elements.

The play-pen described is easily transportable since the tubes 1 and 2 forming the base and the hand rail of this play-pen are inflatable and of flexible material, and hence pliable, and since are bars 3 as well as the tubes 7 and 8 to which they are fixed are also of flexible material, for example rubber or plastic material, which permits the assembly constituted by these tubes and these bars to be rolled so as to form a small cylindrical bundle.

The mounting of the play-pen is also very easy, since it is sullicient to inflate first of all the tube 1 and to set it on the ground, then to erect on this tube the part of the play-pen shown in FIGURE 2 by linking by means of a slider the studs of the series 5 with those of the series 6, the hand rail 2 being then placed, once inflated, above the tube 8 and being connected to this tube by the interpenetration of the studs of the chain 10 with those ofthe chain 9 with the aid of a slider 20.

Preferably, but not exclusively, the bottom 4 of the play-pen will be coated with a layer following the shape of this bottom, which could be for example of foam rubber.

Once the play-pen is mounted, a small ladder 11 can be fixed at the interior of this play-pen, the links 12 of this ladder permitting the baby to grip them for standing up.

It will furthermore be noted that it will not be indispensable to mount the play-pen entirely when the baby is less than six months old; it will lbe sullicient to use the part constituting the bottom of this play-pen in which the baby will be able to lling himself about in complete security, and should the case arise to crawl on all fours or to roll on his abdomen. When the baby begins to sit down, he can be supported against the internal side of the tube 1.

Instead of fixing a barrier on the tube 1, it is possible to fix a tent, one such tent being shown in FIGURE 5. The tent is constituted by a sheet 13 connected to the tube 1 by the sliding fastener 5 and closed by a sliding fastener 14. The sheet 13 is suspended from the end of three poles 15, 16 and 17 attached together at one of their ends, while the other end rests on the ground. The poles are moreover held to the tube 1 by snaps 18 and 19.

What is claimed is:

1. A childs play pen comprising a lower inflatable tube, a bottom on said lower tube forming the base for said play pen; an upper inflatable tube smaller than said lower tube and forming a hand rail; a pair of parallel upper and lower elements; a plurality of spaced flexible uprights connecting said upper and lower elements; said uprights being inclined toward an imaginary common point disposed on an axis transverse to said elements and passing midway between said elements; and fasteners for removably securing said upper element to said upper tube and said lower element to said lower tube.

2. Play pen according to claim 1, wherein said bottom comprises a supple member joined to said lower tube.

3. Play pen according to claim 1, wherein said fasteners comprise two series of studs, the studs of one series being positioned on one of said element and interpenetrating studs of another series on the adjacent tube so as to be zipped open or closed by a slider.

4, Play pen according to claim 2, wherein said member consists of foam rubber.

5. Play pen according to claim 1, having a triangular shape.

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