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Publication numberUS3428312 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date18 Feb 1969
Filing date24 Oct 1965
Priority date24 Oct 1965
Publication numberUS 3428312 A, US 3428312A, US-A-3428312, US3428312 A, US3428312A
InventorsValentine Machen
Original AssigneeValentine Machen
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Exerciser for arms and legs
US 3428312 A
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Feb. 18,1969 v. MACHEN EXERCISER FOR ARMS AND LEGS Filed Oct. 24, 1965 INVENTOR mun/27M. MACHfN United States Patent 3,428,312 EXERCISER FOR ARMS AND LEGS Valentine Machen, 2021 14th St. NW., Washington, D.C. 20009 Filed Oct. 24, 1965, Ser. No. 504,427

US. Cl. 272-80 1 Claim Int. Cl. A63b 21/04, 23/04 ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This invention relates to the health and wellbeing of the individual, as well as the proper exercise, not only to keep the body healthy but trim and devoid of excess bulk and weight where it is not desired and if present will mar the figure and interfere with the normal and desired functioning of the various parts of the body.

The invention relates particularly to a mechanical exerciser by which excess weight can be prevented from accumulating around the waist and hips or if such excess weight has accumulated, it can be remove-d by the proper use of such exerciser.

It is an object of the invention to provide a relatively simple portable easily usable exerciser including a base or platform on which the user can stand with a post solidly mounted adjacent the front of the same and With a handlebar or hand grip attached and an enclosed coiled spring and a cable extending from the base of the post and attached to a shoe so that a person can stand on a platform with one foot in a shoe, the hands on the handlebar, and the leg swung rigidly against the action of the spring in the post to perform the necessary exercise of the muscles around the waist, hips, thighs, arms and shoulders.

The invention will be further understood from a consideration of the description and the drawings in which:

FIG. 1 is a perspective illustrating the invention in use;

FIG. 2, a perspective when the invention is not in use;

FIG. 3, a bottom perspective of the shoe;

FIG. 4, a vertical section on the line 4-4 of FIG. 2; and,

FIG. 5, a vertical section at right angles to that of FIG. 4.

Briefly stated the invention is an exerciser for the waist, hips, thighs, arms and shoulders and comprises a platform with an upright post containing a coiled spring and a handlebar or hand grip with a cable extending from a spring in the post and connected to a special shoe on the platform which can be readily applied to the foot and moved rearwardly against the action of the spring to exercise the waist, hips and thighs, or if preferred the handlebar can be raised and lowered against the action of such spring to exercise the arms and shoulders.

With continued reference to the drawing the exerciser of the present invention includes a platform or base having an upstanding boss or projection 11 with an opening 12 in its front communicating with a rear opening 13 in which is located a post 14 secured in place by means of a retaining pin 15. The post 14 is composed of upper and lower telescopic sections, the lower section having 3,428,312 Patented Feb. 18, 1969 diametrically opposed slots 16 in which pins 17 carried by the inner sleeves are slidably mounted. The upper end of the inner sleeve is provided with a shoulder 18 which engages the upper end of the outer sleeve and seats thereupon when the parts are in their maximum telescoped position.

Across the end of the upper sleeve is a handlebar 19 having a retaining nut 20 located in an opening 21 in which retaining nut and through such opening is received a screw eye 22 to which the upper end of a spring 23 is attached. The lower end of the spring 23 is attached to a loop 24 at the inner end of a cable 25, the outer or remote end of which cable is extended through an opening 26 in a projection 27 on the front end of a shoe 28. The shoe 28 has a hook portion struck from the bottom of the same and adapted to be inserted in an opening 30 in the platform 10 when the exerciser is not in use. The cable 25 extends around a pulley 31 on the shaft 15 in the boss 11.

Thus it will 'be understood that a relatively simple and inexpensive exerciser is provided by means of which the waist, hips and legs of the body can be exercised and maintained in excellent normal weight condition, and the arms and shoulders likewise can be exercised for corresponding benefit.

In order that the exerciser may be encompassed in a compact package the boss 11 may be connected to the platform 10 by means of a hinge 32 at each side, each hinge including a hinge pin 33 which can be readily removed and replaced to allow the exerciser to be compactly folded.

It will be obvious to one skilled in the art that various changes may be made in the invention without departing from the spirit and scope thereof and therefore the invention is not limited by that which is illustrated in the drawing and described in the specification, but only as indicated in the accompanying claim.

What is claimed is:

1. An exerciser comprising a platform base of a size to allow a person to stand thereon, post means connected to said base, a handgrip on the upper portion of said post means, a device applicable to the vicinity of the foot, and spring tension means connecting said handgrip, device applicable to the vicinity of the foot, and post means, whereby force exerted on one of said handgrip portions and device applicable to the vicinity of the foot will increase the tension on the other.

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ANTON O. OECHSLE, Primary Examiner. RICHARD W. DIAZ, JR., Assistant Examiner.

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