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Publication numberUS341987 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date18 May 1886
Publication numberUS 341987 A, US 341987A, US-A-341987, US341987 A, US341987A
InventorsEnoch Allen
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Enoch allen
US 341987 A
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(No Model.)


SAFETY STIRRUB. No. 341,987. Patented May 18, 1886.

UhllTlE dramas Parana tries,


SAFETY-STlRRUPQ JPECIPICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 341,987, dated May 18,1886.

Appliration filed February 3, 1886. Serial No. 190,679.

(No model.) Patentcdin England July 24, 1885, No. 8,940; in France December 19, 1885, No. 173,030, and in Belgium December .13, 1e85, No, 71,342.

. My invention relates to an improved safety stirrup; and it consists, essentially, in attaching the bottom plate to an inner bow, and also supporting it on one of the legs or sides of the stirrup in such a manner that should the rider be thrown the inner bow will be moved by the foot to an angle which will liberate the bot-' tom plate from the leg or side of the stirrup, leaving it free to open on the inner bow and release the foot of the rider.

On the accompanying sheet of drawings, Figure 1 is a front view or elevation of my improved stirrup, Fig. 2 being a perspective view of the same. Fig. 3 is a similar view to the above, but with the inner bow shown de- 2 5 pressed and the bottom plate released.

A A are the legs or side pieces; B B, open or curved slots formed in bottom of same; 0

G, the trunnions or hinge-pins for inner bow or frame; D, the inner bow or frame; E, hot

0 tom plate; F, hinge for securing plate to leg of inner bow; G, recess formed in bottom of leg of inner bow; H, pin in extension of bottom plate; H, pin or extension on leg of inner bow.

It will be seen that in my improved safety stirrup the ordinary legs or side pieces, A, are made with open slots or curved bearings B B, and that above these slots I provide bearings at O to carry the inner bow. D, by- 40 suitable studs or projections thereon. To this inner bow, D, I attach the bottom plate, E, of the stirrup, hinging it to one of the legs or sides of the bow D at F, and at the bottom of the opposite side or leg of thebow I), 1 form 5 a recess, G, to receive a pin or extension, H,

of the bottom plate, E, which pin or extension I make of suflicient length to pass to and, if desired, beyond the curved bearing B in the leg or side of the stirrup A, a corresponding pin or projection, H, Fig. 1, being formed on the opposite side or leg of the. inner bow to take into the other curved bearing or slot B. In its normal cosdition-that is tosay, when closed--the bottom plate, E, of this stirrup will be held at one end by the inner bow, D, and be supported at the other in the curved hearing or slot B on one of the legs or sides of the stirrup A, as shown, Figs. 1 and 2. Now,

.should the rider be thrown, the pressure of the foot on the bow D will moveit to an angle which will bring the extension, stud, or pin H of the bottom plate out of the curved slot .or bearing B, leaving it free to turn upon its hinge F, and thus release the foot, as illustrated, Fig. 3.

Although I make a curved slot or bearing upon each leg or side of the stirrulp as giving the maximum of support to the inner bow and strengthening the stirrup, I may dispense with the extension II and slot B, and simply provide a bearing for the bottom plate in one of the legs, the bow being in connection with the other only by the pin or stud upon which it turns.

I propose to make my hinge, slots, bearings, extensions, pins, or studs of whatever shape I may find most suitable for my purpose, and with stops to regulate the extent of opening and pivoting.

My improved stirrup is equally adapted for use by either sex, and the inner bow, D, may, if desired, be padded, as shown.

Having fully described myinvention, whatI desire to claim and secure by Letters Patent is- An improved safety-stirrup, having a bot tom plate hinged by one end to an inner bow or frame, the other end of the said plate be ing supported in an open slot in the leg of the outer bow or frame of the stirrup, substan- 9c tially as described, and for the purpose specitied.

ENOGH ALLEN. lVitnessesz' JOHN Corn, FREDERICK Baxrme.

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