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Publication numberUS3028857 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date10 Apr 1962
Filing date30 Jan 1961
Priority date30 Jan 1961
Publication numberUS 3028857 A, US 3028857A, US-A-3028857, US3028857 A, US3028857A
InventorsParker Mildred E
Original AssigneeParker Mildred E
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Massaging suit
US 3028857 A
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April 0, 1962 M. E. PARKER 3,028,857

MASSAGING SUIT Filed Jan. 50, 1961 INVENTOR. MILDRED E EAR/(ER A TTaQA/EY United. States Patent 9 3,028,857 MASSAGING SUIT Mildred E. Parker, 2995 State St., San Bernardino, Calif. Filed Jan. 30, 1961, Ser. No. 85,693 2 Claims. (Cl. 12824.1)

This invention relates generally to clothing and more particularly to a new and improved set of clothing for exercising having self-massaging means incorporated therein.

I have closely observed the human body and particularly the effect of exercise and massage upon the same. I have observed that the body is kept in the best physical condition by a combination of suflicient exercise under conditions suited to cause perspiration and combined gentle massaging over the entire body.

Because of time limitations and the inability of the average person to obtain complete massaging in conjunction with exercising, it has been ditficult to achieve this goal.

I have devised a suit of exercise clothing incorporating means for massaging the entire body simultaneously with the exercise activities. This invention incorporates the proper gentle massaging of the entire body while exercise is taking place and promotes perspiration and cleansing of the skin.

Thus, it is an important object of this invention to provide an exercise suit which will automatically massage the body.

It is a further object of this invention to provide exercise clothing which will promote perspiration and massaging of the body.

The foregoing and other objects and advantages of this invention will be clear to those skilled in the art upon reading the following specification in conjunction with the attached drawings, in which:

FIGURE 1 is a front view of a person wearing a basic body suit of a preferred embodiment of my invention;

FIGURE 2 is a rear view of the same embodiment and in which the facial mask is also in place;

FIGURE 3 is a side view of the facial mask portion of a preferred embodiment of this invention;

FIGURE 4 is a side view of a hand wearing the glove portion of the preferred embodiment of this invention;

FIGURE 5 is a side view of a foot wearing the foot portion of the preferred embodiment of this invention; and

FIGURE 6 is a sectionalized drawing of a portion of the material used for all of the portions shown in FIG- URES 1 through 5.

It will be seen that the basic suit 10 is a slip over suit having a knitted collar 11, knitted arm cuffs 12 and 13, and knitted ankle cuffs 14 and 15. A zipper or other closure 16 is provided in the back so that the suit may be opened sufiiciently to step into it and pull it on and then have it fit tight.

The area 17 and 18 over the breasts and the area 19 through the crotch are indicated in outline form only. These areas are indicated because they will be left smooth and without the massaging elements which will be described below. A generally oblong area 17 and 13 will be provided as indicated so that it will cover varying lengths of the breasts so that it will fit different persons comfortably.

The entire suit, except for the knitted or elastic cufi portions 11, 12, 13, 14 and will be formed of a knit or stretchable rubberized material 59 having vulcanized on the inside surface a series of close-spaced rubber or other soft massaging tips 51. These will be close-spaced having approximately to inch distance between each other and being approximately to /2 inch in height having a roughly coned shape but with rounded tops.

While it is believed that a fairly firm rubber should be used for these massaging tips 51, it will be clear that any suitable material which can be properly fastened or built integrally with the stretchable material 50 will be suitable.

The face mask 20 is held in position with straps 21 and 22. The neck portion of the face mask 20 has a zippered or other closure 26 in the rear.

The face mask 20 is provided with eye holes 23 only one of which is shown since this is a side view, but it is obvious that a similar eye hole 23 will be provided on the opposite side for the other eye. A pair of nostril holes 24, once again only one being shown because this is a side elevational view, but it being clear that an identical nostril hole will be provided on the opposite side and a mouth opening 25 will likewise be provided.

The entire interior surface of the face mask will be covered with the massaging tips 51 and it will also be made of a stretchable material 50.

Two gloves will be provided, each having a knitted or elastic cuff portion 31 to hold the same in position tightly. Only one glove has been shown in the illustration but it will be understood that a glove for the right and a glove for the left hand will be provided to cover both hands. In each case the gloves will be made of the stretchable material 50 and will be covered on the interior portion with the massaging tips 51. The gloves will be reversible so that when desired a glove or a pair of gloves may be reversed for the purpose of particularly massaging other portions of the body, the scalp and the like.

Two foot coverings will also be provided. In the illustration only one foot covering 40 is shown but it will be understood that an identical foot covering will be provided for each foot. The foot coverings 40 will have a net or elastic portion 41 to hold the same firmly in position and will be formed of the stretchable material 50 being covered on the interior surface with the massaging .tips 51.

During an exercise period the body flexes constantly and the flexing of the body will cause a natural massaging by the massaging tips 51 over the entire body .portion except for the breast and crotch areas which have been particularly provided with the portions not having the massaging tips, namely in those portions marked 17, 18 and 19 in FIGURE 1. Except for those portions the entire inner surface of the clothing items shown will be covered with the massaging tips so that constant massaging will take place.

The suit and other elements being formed of a flexible and stretchable material may be provided in a limited number of sizes such as small, medium and large to a cover virtually all human body sizes and without the necessity of having individual tailored suits to fit. The suit, of course, should be fairly tight on the body so that sufficient action is provided by the masssaging elements and also that perspiration is promoted in order to cleanse the skin during the working by the massaging tips.

While the embodiment of my invention particularly shown and described is fully capable of performing the objects and achieving the advantages desired, it will be clear to those skilled in the art that many modifications can be made without departing from the inventive concept disclosed herein. For example, the entire unit including the face mask, the hand and foot covering and the body covering could be made in one piece, or alternately, the body portion could be divided into an upper and lower portion. Other modifications will, of

course, be clear to those skilled in the art, which modi fications would not depart from the concept disclosed.

Patented A r. 10,1962

It is not my intention to be limited by the exact embodiment shown and described herein.

I claim:

1. An exercise suit comprising a one piece glove-like fitting suit to cover the torso, arms and legs formed of stretchable material having a multiplicity of massage tips fastened to the inside surface thereof; an opening in said suit to allow it to be put on and removed with means to close said opening; and bands about the neck, wrist and ankle portions thereof.

2. An exercise suit comprising a one piece glove-like fitting covering for the torso, arms and legs, said one piece torso being provided with means to open and close the same, a neck band, two wrist bands, and two ankle bands; a head and face mask in one piece being molded to fit the face and having openings for eyes, nostril and mouth; a pair of gloves for the hands having wrist bands attached thereto; and a pair of foot coverings having ankle hands attached thereto; each of the articles being composed of a stretchable material having exercise tips firmly attached to the inside surface thereof.

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International ClassificationA61H36/00, A61H7/00
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European ClassificationA61H36/00