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Publication numberUS2513506 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date4 Jul 1950
Filing date10 Feb 1948
Priority date10 Feb 1948
Publication numberUS 2513506 A, US 2513506A, US-A-2513506, US2513506 A, US2513506A
InventorsDaniel Mendelson
Original AssigneeDaniel Mendelson
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Viewer and water sprayer
US 2513506 A
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July 1950 D. ,MENDELSON VIEWER AND WATER SPRAYER Filed Feb. 10, 1948 zalw'e/lfeflde/sofi INVENTOR.

ATTORNEY Patented July 4, 1950 WATERjSPBAYER' ='I1.)anieLMendelson, Brooklyn, 'N. ILY.

;.,,Ap'pl i.catio1i Eebruary 10, 1948, Serial No. 7,449

3 Claims.

My -invention relates totoys and fun-makers, and morespecifically to a-type of fun'gmaker used in perpetrating a practical joke. The device,

- a4 alse viewer sprayswater.

Heretofore, viewerydevieesfor perpetrating a ;pra'ctical joke"have-notresembled true 7 viewers enough; to deceive a discerning person;- the *lack of resemblance being 'mainlydue to the omission -of a crank and;to-the -general crudeness of the structure. A'deviceto resemblea viewer should o beshapely'formed; substantial and expensive in appearance and,"in addition, be providedawith a lens, a picture and a crank-arm.

" Therefore, it is ,an. object; of my invention to form my "device with care, especially noting the little details which, permit the deception to" be complete.

--Another-' object isto providea crank" for; the

operation of. the device, as cameras and picture devices are always associated; in a persons mind, i withcranks.

A further object isto'form my device,,as completely as possible, of "simple and easily and inexpensivelyobtained standard elements in order to-=permittheir-rapid and inexpensive assembling.

Water spraying devices dispensing a large amount of water overaconsiderable area are not fun makers but--cause iIlfeeIing and argu ments.

'- Thereforeean object oftheinvention is to form the dispensingdevice so I that it is -held close to the face when operated; resulting in the operatorfsz face only beingwetted andxno other part of his person. r'Fu-rthermore;theIdeViceis fQrmed I so that only a small stream of water -is sprayed, preventing-fibe operator from actually becoming annoyed or discomforted.

I accomplishtheseand other,.objects by forming my viewing-and spraying device of a con-,

tainen having. ai'front, rear-and sides-.and a water containing and evicting meanspthe means-being a collapsible-,buib and;a pressure warmpositioned within the frame and capable, of exertingpressureon-"the, bulb, and a-handlepositionedex- "sprayer embodying" rear: andsides of-its container.

my "invention, showing the "Fig. 2'is aperspective view ofthe same viewer butshowingthe front and sides'of the container.

* Fig.3 is a'perspective view,'partly brokenaway, showing a water containing bulb :and its compressing means.

Fig'r l is a sectional view. along'the line 4 4 of Fig. .1 showing a;1'ens;-the-watercontaining bulb and itsv compressing means, and a-handle.

Fig. 5 is a sectionalview alongthe line5--.-5'""of Fig; 1 showing the side of the'elementsshown in Fig. 4.

.';In the drawing .and in the 'specificationyin which like numerals indicate similar. elements, a'viewer and sprayer! is'shozwn comprised of a container ll, a compressible; bulb 'l 2,-an'd,a water evicting means I 3.

" The container or .box I l is comprised iofabody element 14, anditwo. closure capsf'l5 and. l-6.'i.',,Ihe bod element. I4 is tube like; in shape, and its forward andrear ends are, closed .andencased by. the caps 15 and I6, respectively. The capsare secured about the element 14 by coac'tingrnodes 1'1 and dents l8 onv the caps ande1ement,.re spectively. The: container is assembled by positioning'the capsover',,the body element ends, :care being taken that .the nodes arev positionedinthe "dents. ",iThe cap'" I 5, is provided withan openingjlfl and, at" either side thereof, a catch; 20,1'thecatche's ,beingformed to carry or su-p ort, acrossihegpening, a smallifilrn or paper2l containingapicture or, scene, in the present casea picture ofajdqg.

The cap! 6 is provided with an openingiZZ havin a shouldered section 23 and- ,a rim 2,4. Aliens Z5,"positionedinside the container, is heldiagainstthe rim? by an annular washer 12!}, which. is force fitted, against the shouldered section" f$h6..9p ing. The; openingf'ZZ and.its .-lens';,2 5 j are. nositioned axially aligned: with thewgpening .1 1, 9 and its picture" 2 l, so .that a person examining jthe device,holding; it [to his eye anjd .looking ithru the lens, actually views a scenev and helieveshe. is gperating' aviewihg device.

The-cap" I 6 is provided, in additiontoiitswopeni118 2,2,with'a1hole2'l carr n a. tubej2.8,.which extends inwardly and outwardly,ofltheicontaincr. The tube isfvor'med with a. closure ."eliementl 29. across itsexterior end, and anangeau which rests against the outer face of the cap about the hole. The closure element 29 is punctured by a small exhaust hole 3|, suitable for the eviction of a small stream of water. The portion of the tube extending within the container is bushed by a washer 32 of substantial thickness and formed of rubber or other resilient material. The tube and cap are firmly secured together, the edges of the washer 32 and the face of the flange resting closely against the inside and outside of the cap.

The compressible and collapsible resilient bulb l2, which is formed with a neck portion 33 and a bulb portion 34, is positioned lengthwise within. the box, with its neck encircling the bushing or Washer; 32 g r I The water victing means I3 is comprised of a plate 35 and a crank 36. The plate is positioned over'and close to the bulb and has a section 31, I. almost the width of the container resting above the enlarged portion of the bulb and a' narrower section 38 resting over the neck andsmaller .portion of the bulb. In addition, the plate is pro- I vided with a tongue 39, bent over to form a bearing for rotatably holding the crank.

The reciprocatable and rotatable cran ,shaped with an offset section and terminates at one end in an angled arm 4| and a crank ,handle 42, the offset section being positioned within the container and the arm and handle outside and at the side of the container. The

crank is supported at one end, by a bearing 43 in the side of the container body l4 and between its offset section and its angled arm by a hole 44,

.which acts as another bearing.

The plate .35 is supported by the crank. 36, the

tongue 39 of the plate rotatably hooking over and holding the offset section 40 of the crank.

The narrow section 38 of the plate restinglad- ,jacent the bearings 43 and 44, and the wider section 31 extending forward of the crank. The

"section 31, being almost the width of the con,- tainer, retains the plate in proper alignment in the container. When the crank is rotated, given The bulb is filled with water or other liquid by holding the end of the container having the hole 3| into water or other liquidwhile turning or rotating the crank handle downwardly to compress the bulb and then upwardly permitting the water to flow into-and fill the bulb.

A"person'looking through the lens sees the picture but does not see the plate or bulb which is below the line of vision and so does not realize the true character of the device.

Thus, when he rotates the crank arm believing he is aligning or focusing a new picture, he is surprised to find himself being ,wetted by his own act.

The device is simply constructed by positioning the picture on the forward cap; adding the lens, tube, bushing and bulb tothe rear cap; weaving the crank through the container body to its bearings and hooking theplate onto the crank; and then forming the caps and container body into the'completed viewerand water sprayer.

Although I have shown'and described only the main form of my viewer and water sprayer many other forms are possible without departing from the spirit and scope of the ideas conveyed in the drawing and specification and so I desire to cover all modifications, forms and embodiments of my invention which may come within the scope and language of any and all of the claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent is:

1. A viewer and fluid dispensing device comprised of a box, a compressible bulb reservoir and a pressure means within the box and near one another for dispensing the bulbs contents, said box bearing in its opposing ends a configuration and an'eye pie'cezfor examining saidconfiguration and having,-to' the exterior" of one of" its sides, a crank handle thus simulating a multiple frame picture viewing device, said handle, in addition, being operably secured to and motivating the pressuremea'ns, said bulb having a venting passageway terminating in an opening adjacent the 7 eye piece, whereby when the spectator examining the configuration with his eye to the eye piece operates the crank handle with the intent of changing frames he actually motivates the dispensing device and'forces whatever fluid there may be stored in the reservoir into his face.

,2. In a viewer and fluid dispensing, device, a box having an eye piece simulating a lens and a configuration aligned with said eye piece, an articulatable element simulating aframe changer projecting from the box, and fluid retaining and dispensing means disposed within the box and including a vent opening through a wall of the box in the vicinity of the eye piece, said articulatable element being operably positioned adjacent to and capable .of motivatingthe retaining and dispensing means, whereby when a spectator examining the configuration with his eye to the eye piece operates the articulatableelement 0S tensibly to change picture frames he actually motivates the fluid retaining and dispensing means to discharge the contents thereof through said vent intohis face. I

3. In a viewer and fluid dispensing device, a box having an eye piece and a configuration aligned with said eye piece, an articulatable element simulating a frame changer projecting from the box, and fluid retaining and dispensing means disposed within the box and including a vent opening through a wall of the box in the vicinity of the eye piece, said articulatable element being operably connected to the retaining and dispensing means, whereby when a spectator examining theconfiguration with his eye to the eye piece operates the articulatable element 0s,- tensibly tochange picture frames he actually motivates the fluid retaining andv dispensing means to discharge thecontents thereof through said vent into his face.



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