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Publication numberUS2403442 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date9 Jul 1946
Filing date1 Jan 1945
Priority date1 Jan 1945
Publication numberUS 2403442 A, US 2403442A, US-A-2403442, US2403442 A, US2403442A
InventorsCalvin C Klaus
Original AssigneeCalvin C Klaus
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US 2403442 A
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July 9, 1946.

c. c. KLAUS SHOE 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Jan. 1, 1945 INVENTORI CALVINC,KLAUS ATTORNEY.

C. C. KLAUS SHOE Filed Jan. 1, 1945 hee -Sheet 2 FIG. 4.

FIG. 6.



Patented July 9, 1946 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE" snoa Calvin c. Klaus, Highland, Ill. Application January 1, 1945, Serial No. 570,890

My invention has relation to improvements in shoes and it consists in the novel features of construction more full set forth in-the specification and pointed out in the claims.

The invention is primarily directed to sport shoes or beach shoes of pliable construction having an outsole of rubber, or comparable resilient material and a combined plastic .insole and counter to maintain the shape of the shoe.

A further feature is that the rubber outsole has an integral binder strip for connection with the upper instead of a separate strip a now employed in shoes of this general type.

Further advantages will be better apparent from a detailed description of the invention in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which Fig. l is a side elevation of a shoe embodying my invention, parts of the shoe upper being broken away; Fig. 2 is aside elevation of the insole and counter; Fig. 3 is a bottom plan thereof; Fig, 4 is a side elevation of the outsole; Fig. 5 is a vertical cross-section taken on the line I! of Figure 1; Fig. 6 is a cross-sectional detail taken on the line 68 of Fig. 4; and Fig. 7 is a perspective view of the arch and counter support of the insole.

Referring to the drawings, S represents an athleti or sport shoe in which the insole I'is preferably formed of a flexible plastic material and has the counter 2 formed integrally with it.

The insole I may be of some artificial rubber composition or plastic within which an arch support 3 may be molded according to the teachings of my Patent No. 2,348,300. At'the heel part of the insole I a boss 4 is formed for a purpose presently to appear. d

The outsole B is Preferably of rubber or flexible plastic material and has a heel part 8 formed 2 Claims. (CI. 36-85) 2 integrally with it, as well as a binder strip 1 whereby the outsole is cemented or vulcanized to the upper 8 (Figs. 1 and 5).

The upper 8 ma b formed of canvas and has its side walls 9.9 brought down around and under the insole I and counter 2 to which said walls are cemented 0r vulcanized. The outsole 5 is then applied so that the upper 8 is confined between the insole and outsole.

10 There is a socket I0 formed in the inner surface of the outsole 5 to receive the bOSs 4 of the insole. Obviously the sides 9.9 of the upper terminate short of the boss 4 so as not to interfere with the fitting of said boss 4 into the socket I0.

I Having assembled the insole and counter I and 2 with the upper 8 and outsole 5, the binder strip 1 is cemented or vulcanized entirel around the upper 5 so as to form an integral structure throughout.

go From the foregoing it is apparent that I have developed a strong shoe or the type described consisting of essentially three parts that may be very easily assembled into a unitary structure. Having described my invention, I claim:

:5 1. A shoe having an insole and counter formed integrally of a plastic material, a heel boss formed on the insole, an outsole having a heel part with a socket therein receiving the heel boss of the insole, and an upper confined between the insole and the outsole.

2. A shoe having an insole and counter formed integrally of a plastic material, a heel boss formed on the insole, an outsole having a heel part with a socket therein receiving the heel boss of the 85 insole, a marginal binding strip formed integrally with the outsole, an upper confined between the insole and the outsole and in intimate adhering relation with the binding strip.


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International ClassificationA43B13/41, A43B23/17
Cooperative ClassificationY10S36/02, A43B7/142, A43B7/144, A43B23/17, A43B13/41
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