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Publication numberUS2375338 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date8 May 1945
Filing date9 Oct 1943
Priority date9 Oct 1943
Publication numberUS 2375338 A, US 2375338A, US-A-2375338, US2375338 A, US2375338A
InventorsAlexander Edith F
Original AssigneeAlexander Edith F
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Luggage carriage
US 2375338 A
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Patented May 8, 1945 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE LUGGAGE CARRIAGE F. Alexander, Haves-ford, Pa. Application October 9, 1943, Serial No. 505,633

This invention relates to carriages useful in transporting suitcases, trunks, or other hand baggage or luggage particularly .to and from trains in railway stations.

Due to the heavy increase in passenger trafiic and the scarcity of station porters at the present time, most travellers are obliged to tote suitcases and trunks by the handles. This is extremely fatiguing when the luggage is heavy and bulky, especially to women and to elderly persons. i

The chief aim of my present invention is to alleviate the conditions resulting from the above mentioned contingencies which desideratum I make possible of realization inpractice as hereinafter more fully disclosed, through provision of a carriage in the form of a small skate which will support the weight of a suitcase or trunk and allow the latter to be rolled along; which can be easily and quickly attached to the luggage; and which is small and collapsible into compact form so that it can be readily stored in the suitcase or trunk when its service is not equired.

Other objects and attendant advantages will appear from the following detailed description of the accompanying drawing, wherein Fig. 1 is a top plan view of my improved luggage carriage opened out and ready for application to a suitcase or trunk. I

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view taken as indicated by the a gled arrows 11-11 in Fig. 1.

- about. Accor 2 Claims. (01. 280-61) nected by a buckle 20, see Fig. 4. At one of its ends the strap section i9 is provided with a buckle 2| to receive the free end of the strap section l8. As shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the strap is passed through contiguously disposed transverse slots 22 and 23 adjacent .the swinging edges of the wings 5 and 6 centrally of the latter and so held assembled with the carriage.

In preparation for use'the carriage is attached to a suitcase or trunk in the manner shown in Fig. 4, that is to say, placed so that its wings 5 and 6 lap adjacent sides of the suitcase or trunk at one corner of the latter, whereupon the strap is applied perimetrically about the trunk and the free end of its section I 8 connected by the buckle 2i at the free end of the section l9. In order to facilitate control of the suitcase as it is rolled-along on the carriage, .the strap section I! is provided with a plurality of grasp loops 26, 26 and 21 which may be selectively used to suit the convenience of the user.

From Fig. 4 it will be further noted that the carriage is small as compared to the suitcase or trunk, and due to the interpivoting of its wings 6 and 6 can be collapsed into compact fiat form as shown in F1 3 and its strap wrapped therey, when its use is not required the carriage can be readily stored within the suitcase or trunk without taking up an objectionable amount of space.

Fig. 3 shows the edge view of the carriage when v collapsed; and,

Fig. 4 is a perspective view showing how the carriage is intended to be used.

Fromthese illustrations it will be noted that myimproved luggage carriage includes a pair of fiat interhinged wings 6 and 6 fashioned from sheet material preferably of thin plate metal to trapezirorm configuration, and, for the sake of lightness, provided with liberal cut-outs I, l and 8, s respectively. The abutting edges of the wings 6 and 6 are staggeringly notched as at I, 9 and l0, It with resultant formation of spaced projections II, II and l2, 12 which interflt in aligned relation and which are curled to receive a'ndhold a hinge pintle l3. As shown, in Fig. 1 the pintle It extends beyond the opposite side edgesofthewingsiandifortheiournallingof rollers II and II which constitute the floor or pavement contacting means of the carriage,the

ends of said pintle being headed over as at."

and II to retain said rollers. The carriage further includes an extensible strap formed by two sections is and II which are adiustably con- Having thus described my invention, I claim: Q

1. A collapsible luggage carrier comprising complemental flat wings having the meeting edges staggeringly notched and curled to define aligned hinge junctures, a pintle fitted through said Junctures with extension at both ends 'therebeyond, a roller Journaled on each such pintle extension with means retaining the same against axial displacement. and a flexible strap passed through apertures in the flat wings and medially outwards over the hinge Junctures for securing the luggage carrier to the comer edge of a suitcase orthe like whereby said suitcase or the like can be easily moved about.

2. The invention as defined in claim 1 wherein the respective flat wings are of plate metal and :ti-apeziform in configuration with liberal cutouts for the sake of lightness, the aligned hinge iunctures are formed along the maior oi the parallelingsides of said flat wings. thestrap. apertures are in thetorm of transverse slotsdiacent the swinging edgesof the respective l .andthemeansforretainingthsrollers againstdisplacementconsistsinheadingoverthe endsofthepintle.


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