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Publication numberUS2364050 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date5 Dec 1944
Filing date9 Aug 1943
Priority date9 Aug 1943
Publication numberUS 2364050 A, US 2364050A, US-A-2364050, US2364050 A, US2364050A
InventorsBenson Herbert T
Original AssigneeBenson Herbert T
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US 2364050 A
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Deg. 5, 1944.

H. T. BENSON 2,364,050

CHAIR Filed Aug. 9, 1945 n ilii] INVENTOR. HER EI R T T. EIENSEJN WJQ ' Patented Dec. 5, 1944 UNITED i STATES PATENT OFFICE CHAIR Herbert '1. Benson, Berkeley, Calif.

Application August 9, 1943, Serial No. 498,137

2 Claims.

My invention relates to a new article of manufacture comprising an improved chair wherein a substantially vertical back portion, appreciably narrowed at its junction with the rear edge of the seat portion, operates in conjunction with a saddle-shaped seat also narrowed and reduced in r width at its rear edge to permit insertion of the legs of an occupant straddled on said seat" and facing said back, in a characteristic masculine posture assumed by many men for convenience and comfort. t

The primary object of the present invention is to provide a new and improved article of manufacture of a characteristicallymasculine type. A

Another object is to provide a new and improved article of manufacture of the character set forth, having improved means whereby any person may sit thereon in the usual manner, ,or A

straddle the seat thereof, facing rearwardlyand leaning upon the back thereof in truly masculine comfort. A c A -A A further object is to provide anew and improved article of manufacture of the type described, in which receptacles or recesses are provided in the upper edge of said back, for the re- I accomplish these and other objectsby means of the improved article of manufacture disclosed in the drawing forming a part of the present apa substantially vertical and preferably horizontally arcuate back 2 rising' in the usual manner and having wings 3 arranged on both sides of the top of said back 2, the lower edges of said wings 3 being arranged in spaced relation with the seat l of said chair I so as toiform an appreciably reduced portion 4 at the lower portion of said back 2 and providing spaces 6 between said lower edges of said wings 3 and said seat I, for reception of the legs of an occupant straddling said seat and facing said back 2, as indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 1 of the drawing. 1

r The seat I is renderedsaddle-shaapedby being appreciably narrowed and reduced in width at the rear or back end thereof to form a narrowed portion 8 thereof to operate in conjunction with the narrowed portion 4 of the back 2 to form the openings or spaces 6 hereinbefore mentioned, and as disclosed in Fig. 3 of the drawing. A

n For the convenience of an occupant straddling the chair and facing rearwardly, recesses 9 may be provided in the top edge of the back2 for the r A reception of such masculine comforts ,andac cessories as cigars, cigarettes, matches, or an ashtray, not shown.

While it may be considered uncouth, by dis- A ciples of certain doctrines, to straddle a chair and face the back thereof, it is a truly masculine posture and permits relaxation to a satisfactory A ception of cigarettes, matches, an ash tray, or other articles for masculine comfort.

degree. Therefore, it is obvious, from the foregoing, that my improved article of manufacture above described, will contributeappreciably to that-end, while detracting in no degree from the comforts of an occupant of the opposite sex.

Having described my invention, I claim:

1. A new article of manufacture comprising a i said chair; and a substantially saddle-shaped seat arranged on said chair with the narrower A chair having an arcuate back rising substantially vertically and having a winged top portionand narrowed at its lower portion, saidback having recesses in the top edge thereof ;,and a substantially saddle-shaped seat with the narrower width thereof arranged at the back of said chair.


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International ClassificationA47C3/00
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