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Publication numberUS2327360 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date24 Aug 1943
Filing date30 Nov 1939
Priority date30 Nov 1939
Publication numberUS 2327360 A, US 2327360A, US-A-2327360, US2327360 A, US2327360A
InventorsMargolin Meyer
Original AssigneeMargolin Meyer
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Insole and outer sole combination
US 2327360 A
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Au@ @133% M MARGOLIN 2,327,360

INSOLE AND OUTER SOLE COMBINATION Filed Nov. so, 1959 INVENTOR leyermargolin BYv ATTORNEYS Patented Aug. 24, 1943 f UNITEDVLSTATE iNsoLE AND ou'rERsoLE coMBrNAT-IoN s i Meyer Margolin, Elgin', 111. Application November 30, 1939, Serial No. 396,778 l 4 Claims.

My invention relates to a novel insole construction and more particularly my inventionrelates to a combination of an outsole having perforations therein and an insole provided with resilient lugs adapted tol protrude through said outsole. A My i-nvention further relates to a novel shoe construction adapted to provide foot ventilation and foot comfort in the form of a resilient'cushion effectV in which the cushion effect is obtained by a direct and complete cushioning by resilient material of the foot upon the walking surface. Another feature of my" invention resides in the provision of apad adapted to be inserted in the inside of a iinished shoe for obtaining a snugger t of the shoe and forenhancing the comfort and breathing properties of the shoe. This pad may be of-suflicientsize tov extendmerely from the toe to the arch lor this resilient pad may extend from toe to heel. This padv when used in shoe constructio-ns of my invention may contain perforations adapted to match the perforations in the insole or it may contain Vperforations and coacting grooves for obtaining forced breathing. This pad may alsoy carry a metatarsal arch support anda cookie for the long arch ofthe foot.

Certain of the well known problemsin shoe manufacture are flexibility of 'the shoe and cush ioning of the foot as well as the provision of proper shoe ventilation. Because of thenecessity of providing an insole Yin the shoe,'which insole is normally relatively stiff material, itfhas been difficult to obtain the desired ilexibility and softness in the shoe.

In my Patent No. 2,153,021 and my co-pending applications Serial No. 257,351jSer1a1 No. 272,364, and Serial No. 290,559, of which the present case is a continuationV in part,7I have shown'valrious means for effecting increased flexibility, softness and shoe ventilation. According to 'my present invention, I provide increased resiliencebroadlyV part of the insole, as desiredf and in :either of 'theseV alternative 'constructions I provide aflxed 'tothe' forcpartofthe resilient insole orinsert,

lugs adapted toV extend downwardly from-the resilient insole and through openings vin the outsole so that such lugs come 'inf'dire'ct contact with the walking Surface. Because these lugs are positioned in Openings 'that conformv closely to vthe cross-,sectional contourof the-lug, theV com`- pression"inducedl on the lug during the actV of walking, seals the opening so that-no water or dampness can penetrate therethrough. YI also provide in this construction for grooves located in-said resilient vforepart of the insole,

which grooves are'adapted to Vbeiexedin-the act of walkingand-through a communicating'chan- 4nel force and receive airfrom a perforation' which extends throughrthe resilient insole to the inner portion oflthe shoew i Y Accordingly, it is anV object of my inventionto provide a l novel` Vshoe construction 'with .direct `cushioning eiect while preserving theV advantazgesof insole and outsole construction.' Y It-is a' furtherobjectof my vinvention to provide a novel shoe'construction in'which I provide a preformed -resilient Vinsole which'carries integrally affixed Vto .the resilient; yinsole lugs adapted'toprotrude" down and through cooperating openingsA in the outsole so.thatV direct contact with thevwalking surfaceA iseffected.

.It isa further objectof my invention toprovide a novel resilient shoe construction in which Y arpreformed'. metatarsal 'archY support is provided insole which may be resilient throughout its area Y or may comprise a resilient nsertlinthe forein'theiiresilientfinsert for vthe insole or 1in the resilientall-over insole itself. l

It is a further object of my vinvention to provide ano'utsole having openingslthrough it and Yan insoleihaving a cut out forepart area and a 'resilient insert-for said cut out insole, said resilient insert carrying resilient lugs adaptedito `protrude downwardlyA through said .openingsin said outsole and perforationsin and through said resilient insert, transverse grooves in the bottom `of said resilient insert, said groovesibeing adapted to provide air fl'ow under flexingg'said air being forced through'V said perforations 'in-.said resilient Vjr1S"(;r-[,11.` '1L It is still a further object ofmy invention to provide a complete .resilientinsole` said insole YAYcarrying ydownwardly:protruding lugs, said lugs passing through correspondingropenings l'inan vout'sole and effecting a -direct communication with the wxallkin'gisurface.v isa vfurther objectof my invention to provide a pad adapted to` lay over the insole and give the shoe a snugger t and more comfortable feel. Y

It is still a further object of my invention to provide a novel complete insole of resilient material carrying perforations and/or breathing grooves adapted to be inserted into a nshed shoe to provide the desired advantages of softness and forced breathing. Y Y

Further objects of my invention will be apparent froma .consideration of .the drawing, a description ,of which here follows.

Figure 1 is a plan view of the novel shoe construction of my invention showing the protruding resilient lugs in dotted line and the constructions of my resilient insert.

various Figure 2 is a cross-section taken along the line 2 2 of Figure 1.

Referring now more specifically .tozthe .drawing, in Figure l I show an insole I0 with a Central out out area inV which is disposed a'resilient insert H 'which may be oiexpandedrubberpf Pthe :closed .cel-1 0r .oneri ecelglftvpe, `said `resilient insert :I I :,-being provided with :a Aflap |-2 which Aex l:tends .aboutfsaid `in-sert and is .integral therewith.

@depending resilient .lugs `t9 fwn-ich :may .b e tof ses expanded-rubber as -is the-remainder; of the kresiliient :insert Extending :circumferentiallyEaround :the base of .these resilientV lugs .I9 areshoulders 23 which bear against the outso1e .Z- I-as, shown :in Figure-2 end thusimprove and adito thefsealingtbetween thellugandfthefputsole. -Y

To fprovide breathing and ventilatiun -ior :the shoe transverse ygrooves .20, the :wal-1s Oif which are spaced :onefrorn :the :otherare v:provided lon the bottom of :the resilient insenttand .are .adapt- -ed to force `air throughperforatinns .2'I carrying reinforcing bosseszZ-Z attheir bases. A

-Referring :now to Figure 2 there icansbe :clearly -seen that thedownwardly extendinglugs I epass through npenings )in ".the outsole .124, Which-openings .are in .-.close conformity 'iwith the size :and Ashape :.of the .ilugs 153. :Itzwill be :noted .that the :yoncls-.the outsole 2 4 Saudisi-inLdir-tct icontactxwith the walking surface .28. Thusiunder normalfont pressure, v`the resilient 'lugsI'Q are ispreadnnder :the walking pressure so :that .theysarein close :and Acompressed contact Awith the iwal-1s of the openings in the :outsole ,114. 'This'. close :priessure .contact forms @a :oom-plete ,seal against the penetration from the :outside :of any l*water lthe .event that the shoes :are worry in inclement Weather. v j

l jThe flexingof =the groovesZ., Whiohiis effected lby :the ilexing of .the entire orepart ofthe insoie in the :act --of -iwalkingcauses Vthe ,alternate expression andintake of air'through the-.adia- .centrperforations-l. l

v'As a :further .precaution .for insuring the -sealing of fthe outsole openings through which the flugs il 9 mrotrude, I may `provide :rigid insertsV 21 fanti-28 )which may be of metal, .plastic .or any suitable material. These insertsV may, :for Kexemple, be icm-Led rvduring:the molding @ofthe rubinsole crnsert orsmay be placeditherein lin .the entrance-of; air or moisture.

`rdispersedfthroughoutthe. insole.

a stage of its manufacture. It will be noted that the rigid insert 21 is substantially spaced from the outsole and does not interfere in any Way with the cushion effect of the rubber insert or insole I I. When pressure of the foot bears down against the Walklng surface 26 the insert is pressed down under the compression as shown by the position of the rigid insert 28. In this position the edges of the rigid insert, which are anve-like in nature, areforced down over the edges oftheopening in the outsole; vthe flanges of the rigid insert thereupon compress the rubb er between the yflange of the insert and the outsole at 29 and eiectively seal the opening against It will be noted howeverthat the rigid insert does not interfere withthe resilience and cushioning effect of my -novel structure evenin this sealing position.

Itis an important feature of my invention that Ythe-resilient lugs which extend through the outsole :and are-n .direct communication with the ,walkingsurface and whichabsorb the first contact ofthe -ioot the walking surface 'and are `compressed thereby have a vsecond distinct actvantage. .Bressuire V"on the `downwardly depending lugs assists in the compression ofthe transverse' grooves vand thereby increases vthe airflow which' it is desired `to force through the perfora-tionsintotheshoe. In the VVprovision for shoe ventilation according to vthis system .of transverse :grooves and; .adjacent periorations as shown in my ,continuation applications Vabove-referred to, tliefforcedibreathing is eifectedprincipally bythe 'exingsactionof theshoe in- Walk- It will now be vnoted that I provides. further auxiliary -means for increasing forced breathing action of `my novelinsertin thefofrmgof theselugs which .are Valternately .eOrnpressefi .and ,decompressed in the action of Walking- 'ThiSCOIDPleS- .sion .and .decompression of the resilient lug-sl in turn eiects the compression and decompression of the Atransverse wgfrooves and increases the breathing -action derived therefrom.

- It-is to be understoodthat I can ,us e as ,many of the downwardly protruding:resilientglugs as-is found desirable ,and w,these may be 4few in number 4as shown in the'above Specic illustration of my invention Y0r .they ,beflarge in number-and These lugs may Vbe large in diameter or small depending upon their numberand upon xthe degree of softness desired. Further r crossfsectional shapes other than circular for such resilient lugsmay be em Fployed, as Vfor exam-ple cross-sections which Vare oliainonrzlshaped,Y rectangular shaped, square, etc.

The `resilient material referred fr/o above may begr-ubber-o-f the open cell or closed cell eas -expanded types, cork'vor anyrvmatcrialthat has desirable resilient properties.

f It will beunclerstood thatthe-speciedescri tion and 'drawing have been vemployed to Ydescribe myinventionby way of example only and I'intend to vbe limitednot bythedetails herein- .before shown but only by the claims hereto ap- ;nended. v

I claim: Y Y l. In combination an insole and ganlontersole,

.said insolerhaving downwardlydextending lugs of resilient material, saidinsole having'perforations .extending through said insole, `grooves in Asaid insole, the long walls of said grooves bein;r spaced grooves and said perforatons, openings inV said Y tending into and through said openings so as to corne in direct contact with the walking surface, said protruding resilient lugs being compressed by pressure contact with the walking surface, whereby said grooves are compressed and air is forced through said perforations to the interi-or of the shoe.

2. In combination an insole and an outersole, said insole having downwardly extending lugs of resilient material integrally formed therewith, said insole having perforations extending through said insole, transverse grooves in said insole, the long walls of said grooves being spaced apart from one another, said grooves being adjacent to said downwardly extending lugs,'means for aiording communication between said grooves and said perforations, openings in said outersole, said openings corresponding in shape to the cross section of said lugs, saidlugs eX- tending into and through said openings so as to comeV in direct contact with the Walking surface, said protruding resilient lugs being compressed by'pressure contact with the walking surface.

3. In combination an insole and an outersole, said insole having downwardly extending lugs oi resilient material, openings in said outersole, said openings corresponding in shape to the cross section of said lugs, said lugs extending into said openings, and rigid inserts disposed in said lugs and positioned at the base of said lugs above said openings.

4.*In combination an insole and an outersole, said insole having downwardly extending lugs or resilient material, openings in said outersole, said openings corresponding in shape to the cross section of said lugs, said lugs extending into said openings, and rigid inserts disposed in said lugs and positioned at the base of said lugs above said openings, said rigid inserts having in at least a part of their area a diameter greater than said Openings,


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