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Publication numberUS2219219 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date22 Oct 1940
Filing date1 Sep 1938
Priority date1 Sep 1938
Publication numberUS 2219219 A, US 2219219A, US-A-2219219, US2219219 A, US2219219A
InventorsBoger Ernest J
Original AssigneeBoger Ernest J
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Exercising apparatus
US 2219219 A
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oct. 22, 1940. E, J. BGER A EXERCISING APPARATUS Filed Sept. l, 1958 2 Sheets-Shea@ l lllldrl/lllllh Vlllllllll. flllllllll IIIIIII/llllllllllllill/l Oct. 22. 1940. E. J. BOGER EXERCISING APPARATUS 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Sept. l, 1938 r l y ,6W e, w f 1in au 0 v w ma 4 5 l 7 f /3 f3 E o n E lL w 7 7% a @an V //w ad f 1u 9v M l ark... 1l /1 m .-.1 6 a., a 9 a .a 5 3 3 5M M, J/ w ,M m M1 Mm Mmmm/Jn a Mw ac Patented Oct. 22, 1940 UNITED STAT-Es PATENT o FFici-:

EXERCISING APPARATUS Ernest J. Boger, Allentown, Pa. Applieatien september 1, 1938, serial No. 228,057

` 2 Claims. (Cl. 272-83) This invention relates'to exercising apparatus.

It is particularly aimed to provide a c'cmstruction which may loe made in cabinet form so as to be portable and in order to occupy minimum space when not in use.

llt is further aimed to provide such a construction wherein one vof the panels is adapted to be lowered so that the user may impose his weigh-t thereon to securely maintain the structure in position, and fur-ther to provide a -f-oldable part which provides seating means for the user and a means to brace all of the parts in la novel inanner when unfolded.

, It is further -aimed to provide such a structure having various elements for attachment of weighted cords, strings or other exercising elements in various positions, so that the usel` may carry out the maximum number of diiferent eX- ercises usually performed with such elements.

'I'he more specific objects and advantages will become apparent from a consideration of the description following -t-aken in connection with the accompanying ldrawings illustrating an operative embodiment.

In said drawings:

Figure 1 is a view -of the apparatus in folded condition and in perspective;

Figure 2 is a View primarily in front elevation with the front tpanel removed;

Figure 3 is a detailed section taken on the plane `of line 3-3 of Figure 1;

Figure 4 is a view similar to Figure 3 but with the pants in unfolded condition;

Figure 5 is a 4front elevation -of the apparatus in unfolded condition;

Figure 6 is a detailed section taken substantially on the `plane of line 6 6 of Figure 4;

Figure 7 is an enlarged detail in elevation showing one of the cam levers engaged with a rod, and

Figure 8 is a cross section taken on the line 8-8 of Figure 7.

Referring specifically to the drawings wherein like reference characters designate like or similar pants, the invention is built in the form of a cabinet generally designated I0 and it has a oontainer section II consisting of a main wall I2, parallel walls I3 and :parallel walls I4 at the ends thereof, all of such walls being rigidly secured together in any suitable manner. Such cabinet also comprises a panel or closure I5, for said container 4section I I and it is hinged to the latter at one lof the walls I4 las at I6, so that it may be swung to .and from a closed position of Figures 1 and 3 and the lopen position of Figures 4 and 5.

The structure may |be carried or transported by 4a foldable handle I8, if desired.

Within the cabinet, various hooks are provided for detachable connection-of 'exercising elements thereto, such elements `being generally designated I9. These elemen-ts I9 are conventionally shown since they may be springs, cords with weights thereon or any equiwalent or substitute. elements preferably have eyelets 20 at attaching end-s and preferably have handles 2l at the other ends. Such eyelets for example, may be applied to a pair of hooks 22 ion .the side walls I3 as shown in Figure 2. They may selectively be applied to a pair of hooks 23 on one of the end walls I4 as also shown in Figure 4. Selectively, the same eyelets 20 may be applied to an upper set of hooks 24 or a lower set `of hooks 25, both lfastened to the These wall I2. In addition, a lpair of hooks 26 may :be

applied to the panel I5 for attachment of said exercising devices I9 thereto.

It will be realized that the various hooks enable an operator who usually either stands or is seated on the panel I5, to attach the exercising elements at practically any preferred position, in order to exercise therewith in the same manner as in a gymnasium.

In order to permit .the xinvention to function efficiently, it will be realized that when the panel I5 is lowered as in Figure 4, it must 'be effectively braced or in rigid relation with the section II. 'Ilo this end, a pair of brace rods 21 are employed :and are pivoted as at 28 to the panel I5. The said rods slide through and are guided by loops 29 of brackets 30 which are suitably fastened to the sides I3. Pivoted to each loop 29 as at 3| is a lever 32 having yon each side thereof a cam 33. Normally the cams 33 are disposed out of the path fof sliding of the rods 2'I. However, when the rods lare in the .position of Figure 4, with the parts unfolded, cams -33 are moved into frietional vclamping and retaining `engagement with the rods through the turning of the levers 32.

In Iorder that the operator, when desired, may be seated, -a collapsible seating structure generally designated 34 is employed. rllo this end, abatten 35 is rigidly fastened within the section II land has a bar 36 pivoted thereto as at 31. Such bar 36 :at one end carries a suitable seat '38 for the operator. A leg or struts 39 :are fastened together and manipulated by a rod 40 and the struts are pivoted as at 4I to the bar 36 adjacent the seat 38. In addition, the struts 39 have 'lugs Ior dowels 42 which are detachably applicable in openings or recesses 43 in the panel I5 as shown in Figure 4. It will be realized, as shown in Figure 3 to advantage, that the bar 36 and stmt 39 may be folded into parallelism for location Within the cabinet or section H when ythe lcabinet is folded.

Various changes may be resorted .to provided they fall Within the spirit `and scope of lthe invention.

I claim as my invention:

1. Apparatus of the :clam described comprising a container section adapted for :connection of exer-cising apparatus therein, a closure section pivoted thereto at one en-d, means to rigidly secure ,the closure section and container section togeth: er at right angles to each other so that the closure section and one end of the lcontainer section may rest on a Iioor, a bar .pivoted Within the lcontainer section short of 4the back Wall thereof and being of a Ilength to exrtend -outwardly over the closure section to form 1a seat for an exerciser Whose Weight maintains the apparatus in place, strut means pivoted to the bar and disposable at its lower end on said clos-ure section, said bar and strut means being foldable together with =the strut means at the rear of the bar and disposable Within the container section.

2. Apparatus of the lcla-ss described comprising a. container section adapted for connection of exercising apparatus therein, a closure section piv- Ofted thereto at one end, the closure section and container section being disposable at right angles to each other so that the closure section and one -end of the container section may rest on a floor, a lbar pivoted Within the container section closer to the top than to fthe bottom and short of the back Wall thereof and being of a length to extend outwardly over the Iclosu-re section .to form `a seat for an exerciser Whose weight maintains .the apparatus in place, strut means pivoted to the bar and disposable at its lower end on said closure section, said :bar and strut means being foldable together with the stru-t means at the rear of the bar and disposable within the container section, sai-d strut means and closure section having intereng-aging means, a brace member pivoted to the closure section, la bracket on the container section having a loop guiding the brace member, land la clamp member Ipivoted to Ithe bracket and engageaJble with the brace member.


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