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Publication numberUS2185907 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date2 Jan 1940
Filing date1 Oct 1937
Priority date1 Oct 1937
Publication numberUS 2185907 A, US 2185907A, US-A-2185907, US2185907 A, US2185907A
InventorsVaughn Alexander Theodore De
Original AssigneeVaughn Alexander Theodore De
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Card table tray
US 2185907 A
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Jim 1940- T. DE v. ALEXANDER 2,185,907

CARD TABLE TRAY Filed Oct. 1, 1937 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 ,1940. 1-. DE v. ALEXANDER 2,185,907

CARD TABLE TRAY Filed Oct. 1, 1937 Sheets-Sheet 2 Theedoce JQeI Zzl ljbz Alexizndez;

Patented Jan. 2, 1940 UNITED STATES PIATENTQF"IIOFF'ICE This invention relates to improvements in card table trays. v 1

The primary object of this invention is to pro,- vide a removable, card table tray adapted to be fitted to the corner portions or areas of a conventional card table With' a minimum effort of time and energy.

A further object of this invention is to provide a tray of the above mentioned character capable of holding glasses andarticles as well as cigarettes and cigars and in addition there is provided an ash tray in close proximity to the cigarette holder.

A further object of this invention resides in the arrangement of the trays with respect to the table in that they are positioned directly to the right of the user, to be within easy reach of the player and at the same time in a location which will not interfere with the users arms while playing bridge and other card games. 7

A further object of this invention is to provide novel fastening means for eifecting the detachable connection between the table and tray and said'connection includes a pair of prongs carried by the tray adapted to be passed through openings formed in the table top adjacent the corners so that the free ends of the prongs may extend through the table top and be anchored by means of sliding locking keys or pins.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent during the course of the following description, taken with the drawings, wherein,

Figure 1 is a top plan view of a card or bridge table illustrating a tray embodying this invention attached to each corner thereof;

7 Figure 2 is a top plan view of the tray substantially enlarged to illustrate the structure thereof and showing the manner in which the same is attached to one corner of the table which is shown as being partly broken away;

Figure 3 is a bottom plan view of the tray showing the various recesses for accommodating the articles to be supported as well as the prongs which are adapted to extend through the table p;

Figure 4 is a side elevational view of the tray illustrating the manner in which it is attached to the table and its general location with respect thereto;

Figure 5 is a vertical cross-sectional view of the tray illustrating the manner in which the various depressions are formed for accommodating the articles;

Figure 6 is a bottom plan view of a card table illustrating the fastening means carried by the undersidethereof; 1 Figure 7 isa bottom; plan'view'of a card table showing the fastening means carried thereby andfthe tray associated with the corner portion 5 I or area of the table;

Figure 8 is a vertical cross-sectionalview of a corner area of a card table showing the manner in which the plugs carried 'by the-tray" extend therethrough and is fastened on the underside by 10 means of the slidingpins; and l l Figure 9Iis a vertical cross-sectional view taken at right angles to Figure 8,and further illustrating the manner in which the. tray maybe detachablyconnected orbridge table. I

In the drawings, wherein for the purpose of illustrating the invention and wherein like referto a corner areaiof a card 15 'ences will be employed to designate' like'parts throughout the same, the reference character i0 .20 willgenerally be employed to designate a conventional bridge or cardtable including awo'od top surface ll covered bya sheet-of suitable material such as composition or metal I2 'andtrimmed with a bead rail l3. Nails It may pass through the bead rail l3 and be anchored inthe surface I I in order to anchorthe marginal edges of the cover l2. Formed in the corner portions of the top H in diagonal relation to the table top are openings [4. v The invention comprises a utility tray I5. formed from a single blank of material I 6 of substantially a sector-shaped piece ofjmaterial such,

as metal or the like, and it will be noted that the I tray I5 is arcuately recessed as at ll, having an inner wall l8 which conforms to the curved corner portion of the bridge table and an outer curved wall l9 terminating at each end in substantially vertical straight. walls 20 and 2|.

Adjacent the straight wan, 2a or the recess n, 40

there is formed a circular recess 22 of a depth sufiicient to receive and hold a tumbler or glass v or other circular article, Adjacent the vertical wall 2| of the sector-shaped recess I! there is formed .by means of adepression 24, an ash tray 45.

communicating with acurved portion 25 forming a cigarette or cigar holder.

Adjacent the inner portion of the sectorshaped blank I6 is welded a plate 26 preferably rectangular in form to the straight edge 21 of the marring of the finish thereof. It will be noted that the thickness of the plate 26 is substantially the equivalent of the distance that the trim bead I3 extends above the table top IL This allows the tray to assume an 'even horizontal position when fastened in place upon a table.

Formed along one edge of the plate 26 are lugs which are upstruck from the plate as at 29 and are bent to extend downwardly through the openings [4 arranged diagonally in the table topd'l. suitable'openings 30' are formed in the plugs 29 a distance from the plate 26 equivalent to the thickness of the table top H and cover l2 so that the openings will be exposed on the underside of the table top II.

The fastening means for the trays comprises a strip of metal 3| having its free ends looped as at 32 and return bent as at 33 for being anchored by means of screws 34. The screws3 iextend into the table top ll and retainthe strip 3| in place so" that the loops 32'a're' directly opposite the slots M in the table top.

Slidably'mounted withi the loops 32 a-re the legs 35 or" a Ll-shaped locking bar 33. The free ends 3! of the legs 35 are'presented to the openings l4 and when the lugs 29 of the tray 15 are projected through the openings the free ends 3'! of the legs 35 may engage in the openings 33 and lo'ckthetray in place. A finger piece 38 is formed on the U-shaped locking member 36 so that the free ends 31 of the legs 35 may be conveniently withdrawn or inserted in the openings 38' formed the lugs 29, A stop member 39 is located directly in back of the finger piece 38 to prevent the displacement of the U-shaped locking member 36 from the loops 32. The stop member 39 is provided with screw threads 40 and may be conveniently screwed into the table top on the underside thereof as at l l. a

It is to be noted that the trays I5 extend in a clockwise direction from the radius of the table top ID in order to prevent the left elbow or forearm of the player from accidentally knocking objects or articles in an adjacent tray out of place. Since the left hand is usually the hand employed for holding cards in various card games, it has been found that the construction of the above described tray is advantageous because of the fact that it does not hinder or obstruct the free use or movement of the left arm of the player.

It is to' be understood also; that Various changes in the shape, size and arrangementof parts may be resorted to and that the form of the invention herewith shown and described is to be taken as a preferred embodiment of the same.

In an article holding attachment for game tables, wherein the attachment comprises a tray for the support of articles laterally of the top of the table and wherein a tray is detachably engaged with each corner of a rectangular table top," said tray comprising a receptacle portion disposed laterally of the table top, a flat plate extension overlying the corner of the table top,

a pair of spaced lugs apertured at their lower ends depending from said plate extension, said table top having slotted openings therein for the passage of said lugs and a U-shaped bolt slidably mounted on the underside of the table top with the bolt legs thereof adapted to be projected into the lug apertures for holding the tray in position on the corner of the table top, a strip secured to the underside of the table top having its ends overlying the bolt legs to retain'the bolt in position, a finger grip carried by the cross head of the bolt and a stop pin carried by the bottom of the table positioned for engagement by said finger piece for limiting movement of the bolt relative to the retainer portions of the strap for retaining the strap engaged with the legs of the bolt at all times.


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U.S. Classification108/26
International ClassificationA47B13/08, A47B13/16
Cooperative ClassificationA47B13/16
European ClassificationA47B13/16