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Publication numberUS2164906 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date4 Jul 1939
Filing date7 Jul 1937
Priority date7 Jul 1936
Publication numberUS 2164906 A, US 2164906A, US-A-2164906, US2164906 A, US2164906A
InventorsMaximilian Messner, Peter Deserno
Original AssigneeLorenz C Ag
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Television apparatus
US 2164906 A
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July 4, 1939. P. DESERNO El AL TELEVI S ION APPARATUS Filed July 7, 1937 Patented July 4, 1939 TELEVISION APPARATUS Peter Deserno and Maximilian Messner, Berlin,

Germany, assignors to C. Lorenz Alktiengesellschaft, Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany, a com- Application July 7, 1937. Serial No. 152,337 In Germany July 7, 1936 3 Claims.

In the operation of television apparatus connected to a public or mains supply difficulty is often caused by leakage fields or stray fields of the mains-connecting part, as these fields act 5 to influence the beam of electrons of the cathode ray tube or so-called Braun tube used for the image reproduction. The spot of light, produced by the beam impinging upon the fluorescent screen of the Braun tube, is by such influence caused to undergo displacement and deformation so as to impair the image reproduction. A screening for the mains-connecting part would have to be made of iron plates several millimetres in thickness, and thus would considerably add to the expense for such apparatus and would also increase the own weight thereof to an undesirable degree.

In order to overcome these drawbacks the invention proposes to furnish the mains-connecting part with ring type transformers adapted to be rotated on their axes or with only one such transformer, as will be understood from the following description, reference being had to the accornpanying drawing in which an arrangement as provided by the invention is shown by way of example.

In this drawing, two ring type network-transformers I, II are represented. These transformers are disposed below the bulb neck of the Braun manner indicated by the arrows. The axes of the tube K and are rotatable on their axes in the by chokes, for instance.

The adjustment of the transformers can readily be made for this purpose.

The invention thus merely requires the ring transformers to be rotatable and is therefore very easy to practice.

The invention is not only adapted for use with television receivers but may be employed whenever a cathode ray tube and a mains-connecting device are so comprised in one assembly that the leakage fields of the transformers and chokes can influence the beam.

What is claimed is:

1. A television apparatus comprising a cathoderay tube, a source of alternating current for said tube includin a mains-connecting part, two separately rotatable ring type transformers in said mains-connecting part so adjusted by rotating them mutually to balance their stray fields and also to compensate for other such fields.

2. A television apparatus according to claim wherein the cathode-ray tube has a bulb neck under which the said transformers are located with their axes extending transversely of this tube.

3. An apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the cathode-ray tube has a bulb neck under which the said transformers are located with their axes extending transversely of this tube, these axes being those on which the transformers are rotatable.



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U.S. Classification315/8, 313/313, 348/E05.129, 313/426, 348/805
International ClassificationH04N5/645
Cooperative ClassificationH04N5/645
European ClassificationH04N5/645